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they also linked up with him
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:27:49 pm »
4 trick surrender stubborn husband
Presumably every one have experienced the husband wife stubborn temper, but to varying extents. In fact, her husband's stubborn, ultimately stems from man's stick. Stubborn husband wanted to become instill obedience, away from the stubborn problems, the following four trick you can not not 100% dead husband
If you are not a master of the Cold War's endurance, then whoever speak first sentence This link will certainly be losing a lot. Normal day, read a book, on the Internet quickly sent out, but why the Cold War time always flies particularly slow, even if only a few hours of cold air, it is also great for your heart bitterly recalled consumption side of the quarrel through, grievances, anger people uncomfortable thought scratch the wall, on the other hand something like in the end he love me, This experience will not cause complications for our feelings and other issues linger in the mind ...... In short, either then kicked meal, either calmly discuss the problem to understand, so suffocating silence Hearing people crazy wife react: a small note on a small piece of paper started the Cold Salvation ye war of this record Before they signed the Convention - once per turn quarrel within the first 24 hours after the opening speaker. Hang it in a prominent position, usually head dyed ears ditch increase awareness, to fight the real time and can alert the two play by the act. But since it is 100 dead husband, that there is no implementation of the Convention's work situation is not surprising. Then your note will play its role of emotional mediation ambassador, wrote a complaint letter to him, complained that he did not quarrel with the results on a noisy person sulking,Ugg Canada Outlet, leaving you alone on the battlefield. The letter under a gauntlet, their voices about the problems he did not quarrel with you for it clearly, but the rules required quarrel is not allowed withdraws. He was so stubborn to a person, since I promised you a quarrel in the end, presumably to fulfill its promise to take this opportunity to exchange ideas, research Solutions 80% dead husband
Husband nirvana: What did you say to me today to say on that point, my idea how to die? Today, and I say you have to know the truth ...... Once their ideas do not get implemented will not accept, we must persuade others to accept their point of view, up stubborn strength of a man is very easy to become neurotic. In fact,Australia  Ugg, this time, you if it is really the facts and reason with him, he may not really hear it, because as an index for the 80 stubborn man, his ideas Once formed, they are very confident of their own, this time let They admit that the idea is wrong, really have no wife doors children react: You're right, but ......
If your husband once again ask you to point and that he said one to understand when, do not put in Shamao repeat his own original ideas. His ideas from the start, grab the correct part of the big praise, This part is very good, I agree, but stretched down ...... this time unwittingly put forward their own solutions, asked him to help modify. You're right is equivalent to an introductory smeared honey, let him listen to you calmly behind But ...... 60% dead husband
Husband nirvana: I have chosen this man, stubborn in with headstrong, if he finds you disagree, we will immediately determined to give up your identity - his wife do not agree with it does not matter, I can still do it . For example, for a higher-performance camera needs more than 20,000 pieces, the price is not cheap, Tony wants to go to Europe next month before the trip to buy it - just take pictures with the new lens. But Mrs. Wang Mei does not agree, seeing next week to pay property management fees, heating costs, not a small expenditure, since the old lenses properly, then it should first look, make do with ...... then to here, Tony does not stand, as usual the next day the store to buy the lens from the equipment back. Tony's move is not really big on the feelings of the couple's betrayal, but for his wife, but disregard the views of his wife react maddening enough: join us now with us, is to go with the property company to pay property charges,, and go and equipment shop buy lens ...... In short, as a wife, I want to end that the I s. Wider participation in the activities of her husband, to understand his psychological needs. Whether he is not chosen, and with him to make a decision. In making objections, do not blindly from their own point of view, to seriously evaluate his decision, lenses can buy, but do not have to hurry, as we currently have with the lens, so the lens can slowly pick ...... . Also when you go to pay property charges, they also linked up with him, let him know that life is another expense is equally important, he also needs to participate in the distribution of money. So that more things can be us to do, more communication, more understanding can dilute the psychological 40% against stubborn stubborn husband
Husband nirvana: love how the thing on how the man, who is not a little temper. For 40% of the index's husband is stubborn, he's stubborn completely normal index range. For example, refused to admit his family investment plan failed; absolutely plastered with stickers of your wallet to work; borrow money from someone willing to follow ...... In short, you can not have an absolute immunity and stubborn man. When a man and you are close enough, then his way of communication is likely to become irritable, it does not work well in the communication, or is you pour cold water when he was particularly vulnerable angrily,ugg boots sale, love how forward to how the easily become his spoken Wife Take: upwind position turns riding the wind turns to sit, if a dispute between husband and wife, you can not always rely on one patient. When a marriage, a person's voice is too large flooded another person, usually appear two conditions: First, the other party to be able to sound, into the other ranks; two is always smaller one because of lack of sound encouragement, the last voice talent can only wait for a step by step degradation, increasingly do not love pronunciation. Therefore, in order to maintain a good,, healthy marriage relationship between husband and wife do not break the balance, everyone has weaknesses, stubborn and impatient even more commonplace, contrary to lose these two characteristics, people might lack a hint of lively gas. Some of his small drawback tolerance, paving the way for the people you love a peaceful environment, this is a good wife good wife the road to victory break stubborn seven weapons
Eye drops: We have had this experience, if you can look at the conversation rather than someone else's eyes, forehead or shoulder, indicating that you are very highly of him, enabling the listener deep satisfaction, but also to prevent him distracted. So sincere eye contact, of course, can not let the dry eyes hollow, a few drops of maintenance-type eye drops, immediately make your eyes water of ...... his stubborn soul also re-infection Private Cuisine: a few well-cooked you love will make his stomach dishes warm heart. Love you is to let you be able to feed and clothe, I believe you will understand my mind. Also eating other people's mouth is short, satiated, you have to think about my suggestion Oh short message: I am ready to convey greetings, on this day the Cold War, what embarrassed talking about information on the hair come Pets: We are all concerned about it, loved it ...... in front of it Can not I fierce sex toys: Honey, let's sizzling atmosphere tonight ......
MUSIC: I know which song is your weakness, even then angry, as long as the music sounded soft up on your heart.

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