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In 2010
« on: December 10, 2013, 06:09:42 am »
7 pure electric cars will be unveiled Beijing Auto Show No. 1
[Domestic new car] Editor's Note: In 2010, the city of one thousand ten energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and extension of the city has expanded to 20, the pilot city car charging stations will be completed and, coupled with recent national two sessions outgoing There are five individual consumers will enjoy the city's new energy vehicles subsidy policy, the good news, we can say, energy-saving and new energy vehicles for the first time in large quantities already have some basic conditions. Biennial Capital International Motor Show will be the Pro level, I believe there must be several cars into the market. Today, I will introduce several years, or will be listed on pure electric vehicles,cheap ugg, they came from BYD, the hippocampus, Chery, Lifan, Geely.
Model 1: BYD e6 is no stranger to the car headed believed that since the last session of the Beijing auto show for the first time after exposure, followed by another National Parade,cheap ugg, and visit the United States, and trip to Europe, has become China's new energy car representatives. Recently, Daimler-Benz also took a fancy to BYD, the two sides also signed a marriage agreement, to together repairer. BYD power and prestige, it is also quietly advancing its global sales of new energy automotive business layout. Below,Ugg Boots Australia, we look back at the car together again.
The car's length / width / height reached 4554/1822/1630mm, competing long wheelbase 2830mm, exterior combines SUV and MPV characteristics,Ugg Australia, overall stylish atmosphere. Judging from the parameters, the car's space is also surprisingly the little people. See the figure.
e6 is a pure electric four-wheel drive car, its power batteries and starting batteries are used self-developed production ETPOWER BYD iron battery, low cost, no pollution, no noise, recycling and other subversive edge. e6 motor power up to 200kw (peak power), the maximum speed can reach 160km / h, 0100km / h acceleration required 9 seconds, urban conditions Mileage can reach 300 kilometers, 100 kilometers of electricity consumption is about 20, equivalent fuel vehicles 1/3 to 1/4 of the consumer price. From these figures, the use of vehicles to meet your requirements? If, according to travel 60 km daily basis, run five days on a single charge enough to meet a week's commute. In the energy supplement, the slow charging can use 220V civil power; fast charge can charge 3C,ugg boots sale, 15 minutes or so can be filled to 80%. Can be said that such a car, fully able to meet the daily needs of the city car, we look forward to its price it. 12345.

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