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a wingspan of 45 feet or wider
« on: December 10, 2013, 06:06:17 am »
20 combat radius far capable of carrying heavy assault weapons
Network spread Chinese fifth-generation fighter J20 Pictures
United States, Aviation Week Dec. 30 article said that China's first fifth-generation stealth fighter has secret research and development stage into the public eye late last week, Chinese stealth fighter on the road to the airport for a high-speed taxi tests. No. J20 of this type of fighter than most observers predicted to be much stronger and combat radius of attack weapons capable of carrying heavy J20 first exposure in November 2009 a Chinese television station how proud the Chinese Air Force Deputy Commander Gen. interview. Ho, deputy commander,Ugg Canada Outlet, said China's fourth generation machine (China's fifth-generation stealth aircraft terminology) will be 20,102,011 years of flight, and was put into operation in 20,172,019 articles analyzed that China J20 for the single-seat, twin-engine fighter, Bisuhuoyi of T50 and F22 should be large and heavy. Compared with land vehicles, J20 total length of 75 feet, a wingspan of 45 feet or wider, these figures show that in the absence of external load conditions, the takeoff weight of up to 7,500,080,000 pounds level, which in turn has a great description of its internal fuel loads. J20 is close to the total length of the 1960s, General Dynamics company's F111 fighter-bombers, but the F111 is only 34,000 pounds of fuel load is rumored,Cheap Ugg, J20 is a delta wing design (similar to flying J10),Ugg Boots Sale, with two tilt The full mobility of the vertical tail (similar to T50 series) and smaller pelvic fins. J20 F22 stealth fuselage and similar machines around the flat and sloping tail alignment, seamlessly connecting the wings and fuselage, forward fuselage around a sharp side lines, the tilt angle Bi Luoma's F35 is also large, Overall frameless bubble canopy is similar to the F22 cockpit cover article said, J20 engine with Russia Saturn series produced AL31F most similar, the engine is also equipped on J10. The production version of the future to equip J20 maturing Chinese-made engines. J20 is used in supersonic inlet without separating plate inlet technology, which was first used in F35 fighters, but also fly into the latest version of J10 and J10 Pakistani joint production JF17 Fierce Dragon adopted into Airway main landing gear retracted technology J20 recess machine body side, indicating that the F22 ahead of airborne weapons recess design may exist. J20 ground clearance is higher than the F22, which will help carry heavy weapons, including air-surface missiles. Zhuhai Airshow in November during the Chinese engineers, public disclosure, the latest research and development of ground weapons able to match the requirements of the next generation of fighter aircraft J20 features include rear wing fairing drive axisymmetric engine exhaust ventilation and pelvic fins look not quite match up with the invisible, so J20 may not comply with all aspects of F22 stealth condition. There are two possible explanations: either the current aircraft just be able to see the troops of the first step in designing; or Chinese feature requests to the rear is not too much pressure at this point, a major open question is, J20 whether the same is true as the T50 prototype, or test the F22 1990 similar merely a technical presentation tool. In the next 1224 months, J20 whether further flight testing and number of flight tests will be conducted to answer this question the article said,Ugg Boots Outlet, to develop a highly efficient multi-tasking stealth aircraft fuselage outside of the show is the challenge, because it requires a set of advanced technology to ensure the machine without revealing the location of the case, the use of automated data fusion, emission control and intelligence intercepted a small probability for the data transfer control to the operation of the pilot to provide accurate data. Anyway, thanks to the country's economic growth and all-round multi-field PLA's military modernization, driven J10 first flight since 1996 onwards, China's military aviation technology has made rapid progress. Before the J10, China's homegrown fighter jets fly just sink J8 and XAC JH7, it also reflects the early 1960s, mainly from Russia and the European technology China's engine development has lagged behind the development of the fuselage. According to reports, will replace the Russian-made engine equipped J11B Shen Fei WS10 engine, to achieve acceptable reliability and durability has been left behind. Taking into account the use of special alloys, high-performance processing engine technology for no other purpose, so the Chinese engine development lag is not surprising. (In fact for the Su-27 imitation J11B presence has led to tensions between Russia industrial fields.)
The article said that with the emergence of J10B, China's rapid development of avionics already snarky. J10B uses a lot of new electronic devices, including tilt radar bulkhead (normally associated with electronic scanning antenna array), infrared search and track system, new electronic warfare antenna housing possible long-term answer to a question is not about cyber espionage in J20 development process to help level. U.S. Department of Defense network security experts use in 2006 (ie J20 project start date) as they began to focus on what became known as advanced persistent threat point in time. The so-called Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), is a target mainly localized in the military and defense industry network intrusion war, in complex technology penetration and withdrawal is characterized by Harris Group, VP of Information Technology, U.S. intelligence agencies competent information former officials Dell in April 2010 to participate in Aviation Week organization's network security conference,Ugg Outlet, said, APT rarely been discussed in secret outside the field, because the majority of APT attacks are considered to be from a separate national.
According to Lockheed Martin CISO 安妮姆林斯 argument, in 2009 to early 2010 period, they found that among its contractors, the six to eight companies have been completely invaded, including e-mail, the company Network and everything J20 exposure can also affect China in safeguarding its national interests and control of the use of information technology. Flight testing of airport located in Chengdu, due to the many public attention so it was not safe. Technically, though photography is prohibited, but reports suggest that patrols are allowed to use the phone's camera equipment. Therefore, in the absence of any official information released in the case, J20's coming out in the international arena has attracted wide attention. (Compiled: Zhen Lei)

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