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then congratulations
« on: December 08, 2013, 05:43:28 am »
The 20 men a woman must know a little secret
Even if you have gone out with her boyfriend more than a dozen, it may not really understand men. Do not believe it to look at the following 20 truth, this is the man to know a little secret in a small part, you will marvel you represent? If you say you already mastered one third, or even that you know more, then congratulations, you can also become a column represents the two sexes, if you want to know in a nightclub men, the best place not at the bar, but the dance floor. Men like a moving target - it is their ancestors habit in primitive society, always on the run with prey particularly sensitive to three, when he first date taciturn,Ugg Australia, always cold field, please do not rush to He painted fork. Experts tell us that when they meet for the first time, the men of language resilience and woman not a level, and the more like the face of a woman, their mouths dumber 4,ugg outlet, secretly aiming at a man's finger,Australia Ugg Boots, ring finger if he index finger is longer than the head, then this guy is a relatively high level of testosterone, which is also stronger libido and virility 5,ugg outlet uk, in the recent one-year-old man for the 2060 survey, the majority of men are willing and more than their age big milf dating or going to bed. Only 10% of men gave the no answer six,ugg uk, one-third of men will not take the initiative to his ex-girlfriend's number from the phone deleted. More than one fifth of men will be in the first few weeks of breaking up their stick dialed numbers 7, do you know a man to make himself relax, usually do a few things are? The answer is: lying down watching TV, in front of the computer playing games, drinking or drinks, strenuous exercise, and ****.

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