Author Topic: and small children is her classmate. At that time  (Read 87 times)


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and small children is her classmate. At that time
« on: December 08, 2013, 04:14:54 am »
A mother's crisis management articles
District was transferred out of the surveillance video from the surveillance video can be seen,Ugg Boots Sale, is a small two kids dry, bigger like a schoolboy, also stepping on the foot scooters, small estimates before kindergarten. They go all the way, all the way to draw ...... This is someone's child? Intuit daring big! Too uneducated up! But surveillance video see very clear, nobody knows that she has two children live in that area. She is the next day from the Internet, cell car was scratched posts, post described two children, much like her children, and small children is her classmate. At that time, two kids downstairs to play, time, location, characteristics of the two children are consistent. She quickly ran to the residential property company, adjusting watched surveillance video, it really was her child she realized the seriousness of the evening, my son came home from school. She asked him: Is not your doing? Bow son does not speak. She said to her son: you are a man, you do, go out and play. Son admitted that he had done. Asked him: If your folding bike being scratched, do not feel bad you feel bad? Son said: distressed. She said: Folding a few hundred dollars you can buy, and the people's car, twelve thousands, or even millions, you said you would not feel bad? Even bowed to her son several bow, and said: Mom, I was wrong!
She printed a letter of apology to all car owners to be scratched expression of regret,Ugg Australia Outlet, and expressed willingness to accept full responsibility and repair costs. Dozens of copies of the letter of apology, posted at all entrances and residential stairs she also contacted a good reputation, auto repairs, responsible for repairing scratched all child car the next day, the third day, two consecutive night, and so the son homework, she led the children from house to house door to apologize. She asked, doorbell pressed by his son,ugg boots outlet, the first step to getting the wrong son face. Son in the school a lot of folded paper boat, above all prominently the words I'm sorry three characters, he will save the boat as a gift to their owners. Every one child a door said: I'm sorry, I do not know the consequences of such a serious draw car, will you forgive me. All owners have expressed their willingness to forgive the child she said to her son: aunts and uncles are very forgiving, forgiveness you. But you have to remember, do not put other people's tolerance as an excuse for their own mistakes, you have to dare to play, know what responsibility, learn to be grateful to a crisis is the mother successfully defused. Rattling of the people, anger elimination; cold gloomy a picture of the face, a smile. As a mother of mistakes, she never had to shirk responsibility, there is no escape, no thunder Daihatsu. Matter satisfactorily resolved, the owners are very satisfied, more importantly, the children know the wrong, learn to play, get a pardon. I think he will not forget this time in this life lesson, but it will not be difficult to make up the mind to leave the shadow of one of the owners, said the parties: the child's mother to do so, I admire. To be honest, encountered such a thing, not every parent is capable of handling was so timely,ugg outlet, so decisive, so the courage to take. The mother, a very great as a spectator, I have been through the media, paid attention to this happened on my side of the story. From the mother body, I deeply appreciate,Ugg Sale, in order to prepare our children to play, a sense of responsibility, we parents, first of all they should have the courage to play, good play. This, you are able to do it?
This article is now complete, and I believe that every one of my mother read this article, and my heart will be slightly idea. For children's education, the impact of words and deeds, far better than grandma's nagging.

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