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uggs sko billig cjfn hpfh
« on: December 04, 2013, 03:09:07 am »
Fiction can be affixed to charge at Acacia has ended
Water coming down from all the nose and mouth, like a wound in the foot plants giant hand of death, the wearer of the air force towed remaining peaches, peaches feel like lung burst was pain, feeling of suffocation raging engulfed be obtained from who increasingly distant shore covered in wet old lady holding grandson crying howl howl sound is increasingly clear that expression, too many years ago, with the figure gradually overlap peaches, be good You can not afford to hurt ah, you hurt my grandmother how to do ah, peach, peach, wake up ah, grandma poor peach! Grandma dried peaches covered fingers over and over again because of high fever and burning forehead and uggs norge the Heartbreakers The cries of calling grandma, peaches right, you see a peach is not a good up yet, peaches also to college, huh, huh, uggs sale grandmother, peaches Futaimingda it!
Kiyoharu ugg tilbud it? Kiyoharu where Kiyoharu ah, help me ah, peaches remaining consciousness in a final struggle, Kiyoharu, peaches fell in the water, is to save the children, the old man could not bear peaches crying so sad, you see, She knelt again and again ask for help to save his drowning Sun Sun child, then four more like ask for my grandmother ah, Kiyoharu, peaches feet were wrapped around plants, Kiyoharu, where are you ah!
Peaches has never felt so comfortable to sleep over, she felt limbs like water ugg norge nettbutikk from the inside to the outside is cleaned like too, transparent comfortable! Do not want to even the eyelids wide open look, I just feel like I slept for a long, long time to stand still, nothing about it, can not remember anything, just want to sleep, but also to sleep, like vacancies should sleep all these years to make it up one time, peaches felt like trapped in a soft, Jinbei, but this quilt seems increasingly tight in the air is thin, and uggs sandals there has been an inexplicable pneumatic squeeze himself, peaches break desperately, trying to twisted limbs, forced breathing, longing more air finally, come out! ugg hjemmesko Peaches feel that although the body is still trapped, these days in, the head is drilled out, can finally breathe fun!
Boy or daughter? Quick, quick, look at me! As soon as effeminate voice, still in shock peaches feel ourselves to be received in the past, Congratulations, Mrs., Ms. He Xi, is a daughter! Peach feeling hold his hand paused, but still put their arms tightly grasped in a classic in the lobby Baiyantuo already Zhao Renqu informed, sir asked Mrs. exceedingly recuperate and gave his name to Miss , said to be the house of Moon Lake June lotus open Masamori, he called if the Fu!
If Fu? Fu children? Fuckin good Fu child! Said also slightly trembling hands tightly clasped a faint smell of blood mixed with creamy peach filled with nasal, peaches are now convinced that the baby is his!
Think about it, he is drowning die again reincarnation reincarnation it, why will bring memories of past lives? Now, is the reincarnation of the man called again just call through? Peaches do not know, after struggling deep fatigue and weak institutional infant itself again, so she had barely opened his eyes closed, into a deep sleep fell asleep before, peaches think, after their own children is a Fu , Fu children have a mother, which is a very happy, right!
Peaches, no, now Fu child woke up again, is the next morning, crushing the sun through the window lattice wooden lattice Baotou veil dough sprinkled in, is reclining in bed, pale woman washes out the circle of light shadow woman in a white coat leaning idly carved wooden bed, gentle eyes quietly sprinkled on his body, his eyes unblinking Fu children do not know how long sleep, ugg støvler i danmark do not know how long this woman looked just like a wake up right on the eyes, the heart suddenly flutter flutter, acid seems to drop water woman looking Fu child opened his eyes, a pair of eyes are suddenly dough bright light, curved his mouth, red Fu child Perfectionist smile, Fu children think of themselves in the sun to suddenly have this smile inside!
Fu children, woke up hungry? Niangqin behaved Fu child, baby Oh Niangqin beautiful woman gently picked himself softly to cajole, opened skirts sent to plump breasts over Fu child still immersed in the beauty of just fantastic, the mouth was stuffed with a soft round object and then slightly sweet smell of the liquid overflowing mouth, involuntary instinct to as the baby While sucking up slightly awkward but react after the body than ideological honesty, already ate Duer round!
Miss, how do you feed yourself Little Miss, ah, your body needs to recuperate carefully, this wet nurse feeding on to a good thing, you can stop the yard lost a body, that's a lifetime thing.
Yinger, all right, I have so Jingui ah, my daughter, I want to raise their own, with a wet nurse, it can not kissed me yet.
Shut up, Yinger, after the child is my lifeline, my ugg støvler tilbud life, recognized, although she is the daughter, but I want her to live a good set, put my share back to life!
Miss, you can not say that, although the master did not come to see, is not to let Little Miss Ciming yet? You want to relax a bit.
They ramble said, thin Fu child will listen, slowly but also some understanding of their current place in the world, this house is now himself in this world, is similar to ancient Chinese place, called Yao, like several other countries, as there is to see mother and Yinger two people, so the understanding of the world is not much, but from the information in the analysis of sporadic This should be a wealthy and strong country countries, is still quite peaceful, his father surnamed Division name Zhongming, is renowned country Hubushilang, many respected protege, a wife and three existing Ceshi father, is his wife Liu Yu a son and a daughter, two Mrs. Wang education a child, three Mrs. Fu child is now mother, Liu's, only if the Secretary Fu Yu a female, four are satisfied that Mrs. Lee is a newly brothel courtesan, I heard that in the heady unlimited Rongchong mothers and Yinger Having weekdays ladder himself, but is nothing more than parents in a short, so Fu children of this world do not know much, just know that his mother was originally a small guanjia daughter, surnamed Liu Xiangyu name, uggs for men because his father was imprisoned towards implicated in cases fall ill death, his mother also died subsequently sad, Miss guanjia by sudden misfortune, had married and let matchmakers do Ceshi Division home, though enough to live comfortably, but after all ugg norge nettbutikk identity is low, the day was also a knot. Now the wife of your family have a son to uggs on sale rely on advanced, then the side room room graces, but it is not favored birth to a daughter in the future fear more bad days too. Only a heart on Fu child who is like love darling baby may be the world's finest professional, nobody ask you anything as long as you can sleep eat and sleep, and even occasional angry cry few times, others have to accept my gift when it is fun. Fu child was due to have a memory of past 24 years, the profession has even done perfect, cry no trouble, obediently ate Shuishui efforts to eat a long body, in addition to pee creak few times, even crying all provinces, and well-behaved people feel bad.

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