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people hilarious
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:00:37 am »
28 Jet article subversive play together
Article first poster silhouette as the main car chase, there is quite a dynamic type trailer then Daxian comedy style, unsolved after another action sharp, Jet Li turned poison tongue, the article defying investigators, three goddesses stunning debut, six large M successive hit,ugg boots sale uk, relaxed and cool refreshing summer comedy style is bound to become the best choice trailer action with both comedy and more star-studded highlights
Article posters pilot flying bike chase, silhouette style to convey the film humorous temperament, very young,Ugg Boots Outlet, the body of the article handcuffs and fire a gun action also reveals his police identity, a comedy Mickey glasses is very temperament.  Movie trailer then highlights the film's overall quality, especially the action and comedy are the two elements. Smile deaths have become pieces fuse, Wang Fuji (Article ornaments) and Wong Fei Hong (Jet Li) this wonderful combination start handling your life, trouble continued. Liu Shi, Michelle Chen, Liu Yan three goddess own identity, different personalities, each coquettish, black and white enemy. Jet Li although several action scenes glimpse, but innovative and full of momentum, and Collin Chou, Wu Jing and other master blows more exciting, but the most surprising thing is that a few people cheering poisonous tongue, have to say is Jet Li years rare big change. Article is still cheap sex does not change, highlighting wacky style, a bright blind men in kilts, but the first attempt to play games, but funny enough, though full of sharp Stars join is a major bright spot, just tens of seconds, Collin Chou, Tong Dawei , Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Wu Jing, 6 large male turns debut, or play, or escape or animal in nature, each bright spot, it is learned the film has more than 20 big-name guest stars to join together a Jet article three degrees change poison tongue an adult two gods
Fuji Detective is Jet Li, the article which father Following Ocean Paradise and Snake said, after the third joint, the two co-occurrence of a qualitative change, drastic change style comedy route to go, a heavy feeling side before brushing articles and Jet Li plays the king Fuji Wong Fei Hong is played by police one pair notoriously wonderful detective, a rash impulse, often guilty of two, a cowardly, mouth cheap relented. Jet Li is not only continuing action, and the brightest master blows, but began to try comedy style, he said, you have believed sows are on the tree, and You must take the actor play brain damage, two words instantly turned poison tongue Moe Uncle, surprise lovelorn 33 days , Journey to the West Vanquishing articles , the article's comedy talent rampant,ugg outlet, this is more a two character to the limit, although the name is called King of Fuji  in fact, guilty of two natural essence is a confused detective, kilts, Mickey glasses two surprisingly dress makes amazing, all being scolded various beaten full of delight, a poem in the cemetery to marry Liu Even more ironic drama, called the two to the extreme two gods Jet Li's two three articles together, one can play a farce, comedy is also a tacit extraordinary play, highlights frequently, a lens Jet flying leaps , a gust of wind blew, the article's skirt flying, underpants do now, people hilarious, two also called the film industry fixed combination of Liu Shi Liu Yan Mo identified Michelle Chen becomes pungent black policewoman
Liu Shi, Michelle Chen, Liu Yan cross three different personalities of the goddess gathered Fuji Detective and become a beautiful landscape, but the image of three people in the movies vary greatly with different features, are playing a subversive. Shi, Ewha rain, it seems much harm, lovely, people mercy, but for a moment dressed in black, archery bow, dark image makes it difficult to distinguish positive and negative, black and white and difficult to understand. Michelle Chen is no longer those years, we were chasing girls in the pure beauty, this time she turned able pungent Madam, command posts, Jet This wonderful detective handling the case, several more daft laugh but also reflects the delicate female exploration careless personality. Liu Yan is more sexy glamorous, a step shake are highly grace, smiles, fascinating,Cheap Ugg, and a supernatural compass and dolls, and her strange eyes and can not help but heart palpitations. Together the three goddesses, contests, and people look forward to the summer has been the influx of hot young audiences schedule, summer carnival, the best choice,Australia Ugg Boots, action comedy that takes all types of combined packaging of youth fashion, Fuji Detective is bound become the best this holiday season refreshing blockbusters.

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