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A letter to lover
Do not know why? I am still not fit for you to go, day and night for you to lose sleep, become yet so haggard. I know you're with him is definitely more fun and happy; I know my limited capacity, lack of knowledge. You said let me and him to compete. But now I really do not have that ability and strength to go with him comparable. I did not have the confidence to win, but all come as a surprise, and gave me the time is too short. But the flame of love does not need three to five years and can ignite, just a moment, emotions can blend together again, two people will regret to two separate. Until the time when I pass him, for me, has no sense, you may devotion it. Even though I was out of his millions of times, I have no reason to force you apart.
Do not do this to me, or you choose him, or you choose me, no matter how your choices, you have to make a choice, give me an answer true meaning your heart, I do not want to spend years in such , day of sorrow, trouble all day, all day long thinking about how to get to discuss your favor,, win your love. I really want you to think not sleep at night, Zhanzhuan cover side. Now no matter which side you refuse, who is just a little bit by the injury,ugg uk, will not hurt the hearts completely, sad eyes do not tear does the rest. Do not hesitate, love is love, hate is hate, not love it,ugg outlet, as long as for their own happiness and joy, you can go to choose your love: Choose the person you love, choose to love you.
I will not force you to do anything (including allow you to love me), but I think there is only your heart: love you, love you; daytime thoughts of you, the night is also talking about your dreams names. You do not accept me, I will not blame you, hate you. Blame my own making, since less people: hate to hate I'm a passionate seed, to the care of friends as love.
When did you realize that you are not in the mood for me how kind. Meanwhile, I will support your choice. If you choose him, please do not come to comfort me! I know you are very concerned about me,ugg outlet, which I will be very grateful to you. But you have to know that the person you love rejected, to hear that your thoughtful words, mind the taste and be like. Let me forget this love yourself now!
Now, if you refuse me, I've had the pain is not too large. I just hope you do not treat me any longer. Anyway, I will not blame you, hate you,ugg uk, I said, if you are together happy, I will bless you happy! .

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