Author Topic: the word originally optimist is for you to create.  (Read 89 times)


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the word originally optimist is for you to create.
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:42:40 pm »
2011 Jinbangtiming
I stared at the table of a pyramid trance, three faces both independent and intersect. I can not help but emerge an idea: the eyes of students I do not like this three pyramid? Three character traits is that these three faces intersect at one point, constitutes me. Side one - Although I am an optimist super short hair under a fair complexion face, long,ugg boots outlet, quite quiet look, in fact, I have nothing to do with the lady slightest relationship is full of optimist, my optimism afraid no one can, please do not believe Look - teacher because I midterm exam grades slipped and told me to go to the office put my hard K a meal, back seat pit my tears fall down, climb on the table an awkward cry, which can be distressed bad at the same table, an effort to make me laugh to no avail. She also reluctantly accompanied me sad.
Ten minutes later, I returned intact, there is no trace of crying, laughing and humming a little song. Table with such a big change for me endless wonder, mistaking me too sad to stimulate the nerve, and I said to her face playfully, Dude, cheer up, smile, no thing could not pass ah! Look at it, with my clever mind and to redouble their efforts, I will progress, waiting for news of the victory of my right, yeah! Then went on to make a winning posture. At the same table shook his head and said,ugg uk, I would be served to you, the word originally optimist is for you to create.
Side two - Invincible Ha Ha is the big sloppy meaning. That was my notoriously sloppy,Ugg Boots Outlet, and voila - Who's the math homework yet pay? Worse two students! Class representative on the podium Sonavox Adams exhaustive shouting, no one can respond to the following, Each student is convinced his hand, and naturally I am no exception. Oh angered class representative, he invited a math teacher, the teacher asked over and over again to find the case is still inconclusive, the teacher resorted to the killer: one by one division. Seeing the teacher in the hands of fewer and fewer jobs, and I was not a bit the same table name to. At the same table asked me, I am paying for a job you this, did not you pay? I remember ...... might ...... pay it.
I vaguely replied, worried that he is not forgotten. Sharp-eyed at the same table from under a pile of books on my desk out of two jobs - me and her math this. My heart sank, bad, I really this thing to forget. I remembered this morning, going to eat at the same table you want me to help her homework this is. I was on homework, then the job done, forgot to put this thing to go to Java country. I stared at the two operations, it seems to gloat: small for gestational age, you hung up. Angry math teacher put our fiercely training of the meal, alas, it make me so sloppy? Attendant is at the same table meal storm hammer, hammer aside while she growled, I've seen sloppy person may have never seen you so careless person, you simply invincible! Side of the three - I seem like a thunderbolt sentimental Touch of Zen-like all day,ugg boots outlet, when I have sentimental.
At the same table that I carefree, it is not true that a person even without the long and short term there are worries,ugg boots sale uk, I just do not put them behave in the face, but in my heart to fend for themselves. Over time, students say I'm too sentimental. Maybe I've grown up.

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