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uggs on sale kpze umdp
« on: December 15, 2013, 11:52:27 pm »
I'm a sadomasochistic club inhuman
I like a speck uggs sko norge of dust, only the rhythm of drifting with the wind or being stepped on the foot, groaning painfully and struggle, pain and suffering I find the joy and hope! I have been reborn uggs sko in despair, feeling his soul slowly ascend to heaven. My heaven in hell!
Fairy, I have read your article, I want to find a lonely man like me. You're lonely? I was a lonely man, lonely is the essence of man, in-depth bone marrow, can not get rid of him to me a photo: I saw him very thin, keep short flat head, skinny face filled with vicissitudes and frustration on, as if the face of the Kudachoushen, a pair of small eyes somewhat glazing, lazy eyes stared ahead, his mouth pursed tightly, because his lips tight grip, the mouth is a little distorted, but also showing a little bit of perseverance, but from outward appearances, he is at my interview subjects, really too humble, and is also not handsome, like a dust, being trampled or floating over the city, the city shrouded in gray to every corner of his appearance, so I have a new view of the SM uggs men has been that SM is a noble game, but never thought like him, people who have money to play SM. From his description, I learned that Beijing sadomasochistic club real life, the reason to write out, wanted to let everyone know that the world there are such people live in the alternative, they dare not see the sun, only under the cover of darkness and live a happy life belongs to them maybe we think they are in hell, but they feel in heaven
200 years in the spring, I was unemployed came to Beijing. Ready to come to Beijing to learn web design techniques, and realize their dreams under the talent market on the ad, the people in my apartment near the University a student rented a bed inside, it is a basement, narrow room was packed eight people. I have no education, no practical skills, not tall, uggs støvler the body in general, can not do physical work, age is still a little bit big. I am desperate, they do not want to tell others - we are not easy. I really understand what hundred no one was a scholar, but still a diploma can not come down to show off in front of a scholar. I began to feel alive than to find work even harder in this case, why do I fell in love with the Internet before learning web design, when the teacher told us that the Internet should always, to learn good. Originally, I was dismissive of the network, but want to see this thing in the end is how is it, so in the impregnering uggs morning along with a friend walked into the cafe homes. Results have been playing to fast sleep at night when it is back. From køb ugg støvler that moment on, I fell in love with the network, and has since branched out the next day, I will find a job one side, one side always wandering around in the cyber world one night, I suddenly whim, since the network this thing so fun, everything, why not try something I'm interested in it? So I scored in the search bar sexual perversion, sexual abuse, the words, but did not expect the uproar out many links, let me dizzying. I am very excited and very nervous, look around no one noticed, quickly rush to open those pages and forums and patiently eleven registered, get hungry sm is hooked up their own junior high school thing, then, my mind often some pretty girls are tortured and humiliated the picture, and get really excited, when the night occasionally with red scarf, tie or something like that tied his hands and feet, blocking the mouth, and then accompanied the fantasy violent struggle, until the climax coming. Originally, I think I have forgotten it, in fact, just because a variety of everyday chores too much, it makes him quietly lurking in the depths of my soul. During that time, the face of grim realities of life, I am very timid, very helpless chose to escape, so they can recover sm and crazy occupy my mind began to play it, I feel even more inseparable from the network of friends say that I am this person really, this feature in the online world sm brought me a lot uggs delizah of unnecessary trouble, several times I have been claimed to be the queen of the users about to go out, the results are often deserted place. My online published his experience, the circle of enthusiasts to remind me to be vigilant, not even the men and women do not know uggs with glitter it's out hastily, Baipaoyitang not say, calling even life are lost. In fact, I know, but that desire to be queen tuning enthusiasm but not a day has been cut, but not without harvest, once in a chat room and a Nvwang talked for over an hour, and she invited me to her house, I hesitate to go. Her pretty long, but unfortunately for the sm, but no experience. Another one was a self-proclaimed Queen of very beautiful result saw her, was somewhat disappointing. And her experience for the sm queen ugg tilbud apparently not as abundant online. This is my little online twice makes me feel a bit sorry for the harvest I know this is not the way to go, but the face of severe social reality and there is no uggs sko way, in those days, I even once had had suicidal thoughts . I feel like I should not have come into the world, like a tourist guide by cunning deception is said to a very beautiful place, came after the discovery deceived, would like to leave, but could not find home road. Had at this place called earth helpless struggle, his heart he was eager to talk all the time really early return to their homes - whether there is ugg a heaven or hell ......
In this way, in my confusion and despair unexamined spent nearly a year's time (Tips: SM is an adult game, is born, and, like homosexuality, must not imitate)
Hot Box Ranks 48 hours
Raised the whip or empty (SM fiction) a Hong Kong woman with a couple slave I sadomasochistic club inhuman (a) I sadomasochistic club inhuman (two) died I was in love Pan The first tuning experience (three) angel devil exposed hideous (four) a drunken bandits and prostitutes, then asked the day, you always make me sad (a) Fallen Angel: Baby, let's make love in the crazy die (a).

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