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uggs on sale rrak eifn
« on: December 17, 2013, 01:14:10 pm »
We hope that we have a responsibility uggs norge 2013 to understand
Reporter Li Yan from the bottom of Xinjian County, Ventura
Read ugg støvler i danmark tips ugg støvler online recent days, Jiangxi Province, two girls died in strange washing machine continued high degree of social concern, but with the tragedy continue to simmer, gradually calm down the parties have also begun to reflect on last night at 8:30, the incident exceeded one week, but police have not released the autopsy results, so that the washing machine from a rare fatal incident, which remains a mystery, baby daughter Album total 233, the earliest Uploaded on March 9, 2010. There are a funny man holding a child at home, playing, Tu Wen hugged her daughter to do intimate like, go baby swimming pool to swim in the scenic tour, ride the carousel and other photo scenes contrast, baby boy Album Only 79 photos. One of the earliest was uploaded on June 25 last year, gift wall, at the latest on June 11 this year, upload, also has a variety of scenes photos these photos, only to see the 26-year-old Tu Jianwen, a 23-year-old Zhou Ting enjoyable, and no obvious traces Tu patriarchal loose in their own micro-blog real name, it uggs on sale is lamented, God made my previous life in the end what sin ah! Why so cruel to give us such a man do such a big ugg støvler priser hit! yes I do owe you previous life! Why should ah!
This Tu Song microblogging the latest articles from the bottom of this year at 19:34 on September 22, at noon on September 21 incident, but more than 20 hours. He said his brother, sister sentiment has improved, and has begun to eat, not because of grief and fasting Tu Song said, the police still did not inform them of any conclusive discourse, including four days before the autopsy results, They are still waiting for Tu Song Jian said that after the incident, they are a people the past few days have also been very profound reflection. ugg støvler online They also recognize that regardless of whether the washing machine ugg sko norge is faulty, they take care of two little girls, there is absence of the Department. This tragedy, and their families have a responsibility, not shirk on the public's attention, Tu Song also said thanks. We also asked netizens empathy, more uggs on sale understanding us. He said manufacturers audible again after police find out the truth, there will be further measures
September 27 evening 7:30 Xu, someone's washing machine impregnering uggs factory in PR person Haugh call Dahe, explaining the relevant circumstances Mr Fok said the reason they did not go to the deceased's family home for sympathy and engagement stems from that . Too strange incident, there are many issues that need clarification and clear, we are also other results of police investigations. Truth, we have further measures. He said Mr Fok said they will now cooperate with the police investigation, but also hope that the public objective face, rational analysis, After all, washing machine is innocent, the latest progress autopsy has been uggs sandals five days, the police has not yet announced the results
Since the incident, heated discussions with friends correspondence is still quite low-key police yesterday in Nanchang, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau of Xinjian County, Xinjian County, including the incident police still refused firewood Scotia media interviews. For questions related to this matter, the relevant responsible person is tight-lipped, refusing to respond with many foreign newspapers, television stations gathered Nanchang, tracking coverage of this issue compared to the situation, the first sustained attention to the incident and reported in several local news sites in Jiangxi This is no longer intensive coverage, local media reported it is quite cold, even with no reports on the matter as of 8:30 last night, reporters dispatch from the autopsy has been five days, ugg norge nettbutikk but the Nanchang City Public Security Bureau official microblogging is still no information on The latest reported incident.

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