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uggs cleaning whfo zsqp
« on: December 15, 2013, 07:42:05 pm »
Lao She Literary advertising promotion year
When Lao She's novel Zhao ugg hjemmesko Master said serial started, it started to Renew Zhang's philosophy and ugg votter Zhao Master said, into the Literary Studies Series. These advertisements, concise, clever, humorous and poetic. course, these advertisements also implies new literary production, dissemination and literary movement's extensive historical information can be said that it is in modern Chinese literature advertised cries had begun, but also with literary the ads come alive known timberland sko tilbud Renew closely with the Lao uggs men literary aspirations, but tao herein also played a role in the little-known, but the second half of 1925 in the UK to teach Shu Qingchun completion of the Zhang's philosophy draft in Xu Shan's introduction, he was sent to the novel being presided over the fiction editorial of Renew. Six months later, in the fiction in June 1926 issue of the last one, the Renew notice The main contents of the next issue, in which the Zhang's philosophy assessment is this: Shu Qingchun monarch Zhang's philosophy is a novel, that kind of ironic mood, our writers have not yet played before. Novel From 17 began serialization in the 7th until the 12th serialized finished in the fiction in January 1927 issue of the last one , the Renew and notice the following content:
From the third onwards, will be posted on uggs a novel Zhao Master said, It was a very long work, perhaps to the end to completely ending. Lao Chun relaxed subtle writing, write Beijing student life, writing Beijing apartment living, is a very realistic very touching. put Zhao Master said, Several of the human personality can emerge, especially in front of our readers, the latter part of the Zhao Master said, but into billige uggs norge the narrative in a serious, there is no longer the first half Department of humor, then writing is equally active, and its victims to a great story concludes, it is very possible that we have infinite Lament of The book is to make us uggs delizah laugh at the beginning, and then moved to eventually grief of .
When Lao She's novel The Master said Zhao serial started, it started to Renew Zhang's philosophy and Zhao Master said, into the Literary Studies Series. But then had four hundred and twelve counter-revolutionary coup Renew signatures protesting because of being implicated, was forced to take refuge abroad. Before leaving, he put Novel Monthly tao commissioned in April 1928, took the editor, Zhang's philosophy and Zhao Master said, respectively, as the Literary Studies Series launched by the Commercial Press. As responsible for engendering Zhao Master said, the tao, but also specifically for these two novels written ad:
 Zhang's philosophy , is a novel, describes a group of Peking ridiculously busy people living in the main story of a man named Zhang, complex with a pair of young love interspersed in the story itself, already has flavored, and be famous satirical mood, relaxed style of writing, so that the book became one of the rare masterpieces of modern research literature by Gu Yi a reading that people should be matched general change of taste, to see to see this The Fresh Works Zhao Master said, the object of this work is to describe the lives of students, in a relaxed subtle writing, write Peking apartment living, very realistic and moving, put Zhao Master said, and several people living life personality emerge in our readers front. enter in the second half, but a serious ugg sko norge narrative, there is no longer the first half of humor, then writing is equally active., and its victim with a great story concludes, ugg butikker it gives us endless Lament this Department of the book so that we began to laugh, and then moved, and finally the grief.
If the referral Renew language controlled, can be seen to be both in the ad ugg tilbud tao, he made reference to these two novels Renew timberland sko tilbud evaluation. If Renew that Zhang's philosophy as a satirical mood, yet we writers have ever played, written in the tao ads also ironic mood, a phrase; while Renew for Zhao Confucius Evaluation and tao ad text almost exactly the same Renew and tao two literary obscurity Shu Qingchun you personally for writing ads, write out of the anecdote in the history of modern literature.

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