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10 strokes to help prevent colds mothers
In early pregnancy, because the embryo / fetal organs have yet to develop a complete, bacteria, viruses may cause fetal congenital heart disease and cleft lip, hydrocephalus, anencephaly and other serious consequences, two weeks after conception,Ugg Australia Outlet, gestation when infection occurs smaller harm to the fetus is larger cold transient mild fever, generally does not cause harm to the mother or fetus, but also some studies indicate that in early pregnancy, especially 56 weeks after fertilization (ie, neural tube development period), if the pregnant woman's body temperature exceeding 38cc, and lasted more than one hour or more to increase fetal neural tube defects (such as anencephaly children) risks. Therefore, once the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, should be timely treatment, do not wait until the fever does not only focus on their own to raise the condition of the pregnant woman's body changes rapidly,cheap ugg boots for sale, particularly cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems heavy burden. Influenza virus a greater impact on pregnant women, can cause high fever,Ugg Boots Canada, sepsis, hypoxia, dehydration, acidosis,Ugg Outlet, causing serious complications, causing huge damage to the mother, may also affect the placenta and affect the fetus's blood circulation and oxygen supply ultimately affect fetal development. Pregnant women infected with influenza virus probability of occurrence of severe cases 10 times higher than normal in the third trimester of pregnancy, although when the fetus has basically fully developed, colds cause fetal malformation or reduce the chances of birth defects, but fever caused by colds and metabolic disorder occurring toxins, will stimulate the pregnant uterus contraction, easily lead to premature birth, neonatal mortality will increase a wash their hands
After going out, before eating, after using the toilet, before going to bed wash your hands with soap and running water, wash your hands should be fully friction, especially between the fingers and fingertips, allowing a large amount of soap bubbles, this process should be less than 15 seconds, then rinse with running water and use a clean towel or paper towels to dry your hands two ground WINDOW
Fresh air should be allowed to continue into the interior, at least after a nap and bedtime for ventilation. Daily time window ventilation should be not less than two hours Also, ventilation windows in the sun came out again, because the sun came out before the higher concentration of carbon dioxide in outdoor, bad for pregnant women. If the air pollution index, it is not conducive to ventilation, air freshener 3 can help to avoid going to crowded public places
Pregnant women should try to avoid going to crowded, bustling, crowded public places such as cinemas, shopping malls, supermarkets, because these places easily accessible through the respiratory tract infectious diseases, such as influenza, cytomegalovirus, rubella virus and other infections, if necessary need to wear a mask; other hand, these local air pollution, affecting fetal oxygen supply four vitamin C anti-cold
Vitamin C is the body of harmful substances peroxide scavengers, while having improved respiratory ciliary movement and defensive capabilities. Recommended to eat more foods rich in vitamin C or vitamin C tablets, such as tomatoes, cauliflower, green peppers, citrus, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, grapes. Vitamin C in the heating process will be a substantial loss, we need to protect five cooking salt water gargle
Get up every morning after washing, gargle with salt water, drink half a cup of boiled water, not only can prevent colds, but also on the health of the gums is good, because pregnancy gingivitis congestion, susceptible to gingivitis. Should go home after the first early morning cold water wash gargle 6
Early morning wash your face with cold water can enhance the ability of anti-cold. Wash with warm water at night. In order to avoid the cold stimulation effects drowsiness seven indoor humidity maintained at 45%
Winter air humidity is low, especially in the north, an indoor multi-purpose heating heating. Very dry air, dry air is conducive to gather raw virus in the respiratory tract. Long. Use a humidifier to keep indoor humidity eight drink boiled water suitable
Drink plenty of water to prevent colds and pharyngitis has a good effect, the best guarantee for a day to drink 2000 ml of water, approximately divided into eight times, each time not more than 300ml. Drink plenty of water should be slow, avoid drank a lot of water nine influenza vaccine
Influenza vaccine is safe,Cheap Ugg, effective, and inexpensive. American College of Obstetricians Medical Association supports for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called for a cold epidemic season (October to May next year), on the ready to pregnancy and second trimester third trimester for women, as well as chronic heart and lung disease, pregnant women, are should receive influenza vaccination World Health Organization that women during pregnancy vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine is safe, there is no evidence to suggest that pregnant women receive influenza vaccination would adversely affect the fetus 10 regular life, proper exercise
Life must be rules, do not overdo, should ensure that within 10 hours of sleep a day, dietary diversification, not a partial eclipse, eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as adequate protein foods; exercise is to improve the body's resistance to disease an effective way, pregnant women throughout Pregnancy must adhere to exercise, such as a good place in the air every day walk for 30 minutes.

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