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ugg boots norge utlt dsal
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:45:12 pm »
I will focus the reader's criticism
Seventh day is the worst or most fiction novels? ---
WASHINGTON Yu Hua's novel seventh day since last week has been a hot topic uggs sko norge Listed: Yes enlightening epitaph or network era mediocre clippings? Yu Hua seven sword is a strong impregnering uggs return on the grass or rush Waterloo? Is fiction and the reality of a weapon melee combat system is critical props, carrying uggs norge salg satin plaything? Yesterday, Yu Hua around the seventh day controversy had ugg norge nettbutikk to respond. Yu Hua said: I will focus the reader's criticism, but not now, is the future for the readers of Yu Hua novel seventh day is just mediocre Internet age clippings argument, Yu Hua said: Our life is constituted by a number of factors, occurring in and relatives who own things happen in their own place of residence thing happened in the news hear and billige uggs på nett see things and so on, they surrounded us, and you wanted to hide can not escape. I wrote down is our life. Face critics say only the best argument Yu Hua, Yu Hua that because the seventh day is a narrative from the perspective of the deceased's story, the language should be moderate and cold, can not be living the kind of vibrant tone. In the part about the reality, which is the world of the past ugg butikker alive, the language can add some temperature. A novel narrative language shall be the language of self-assertion writer should be characterized by the novel itself to decide the narrative, while the face of the reader Yuhua Why write about the reality of the time always like to use the technique of writing absurd questions answered Yu Hua quite interesting: this is because the reality of today's China often absurd look. I saw a book called Chen Yan link to my friends on the microblogging said:  seventh day controversy great is the root cause of the common people on the absurd, accustomed to, and even surprising, for the absurd into the connivance of the absurd usual. I think it was good. Standing on the side of the German Goethe Institute Beijing Branch ugg støvler i danmark dean told me that he went to Beijing often hear people say that I read the novel was written for foreigners, he saw a lot of college students holding my book, he said he would Chinese readers know like my book. Although uggs norge 2013 I published the novel more than twenty countries, in some of these countries are also welcomed, but no country like China readers readers enthusiastically as I am concerned.
Finally, faced with the reader's critics, Yu Hua said: I will focus the reader's criticism, but not now, is the future. Brother when the time of publication, give me the impression that everyone criticizing brother proud. Brother, seven years after two publishers, for a few versions, go to the bookstore to buy now brothers do not understand the controversy at the time the reader may uggs danmark also not interested, and now I started to pay attention to their views uggs baby of the fact alive and guan was published when there are big controversy, but at that time confined to the literary controversy, when the media does not care about literature, but does not care about me, no network. Brother was published when the media attention literature, but also concerned about me, and there are networks, so the dispute has been amplified. The seventh day was published, there are micro-Bo, the dispute is more amplified. I put the seventh day to the Chen Mingjun when he told him, waiting for you to scold it. He said, I'm ready. I think, my next one novel published, maybe five years, maybe longer, I do not know whether there will be online more powerful than the microblogging new weapons, then condemning become louder. I am very grateful to my readers attention, whether it is a tribute to me or criticize me, I have a grateful, without billige ugg bamsestøvler their attention, and I would not have today. Attention and has been criticized by is proportional, if one day no one concerned about me (including condemning), it means that I have been forgotten.

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