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each institution completing six professional volunteer
« on: December 11, 2013, 11:10:35 pm »
2009 Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai enrollment of about 7
2009 continued in a batch, two batches, vocational (specialist) to implement completely parallel voluntary reporting batch mode. Parallel to each batch of undergraduate volunteers include A, B, C, D four institutions (each institution completing six professional volunteer); vocational college batch parallel voluntary contains A, B, C,ugg outlet uk, D, E, F, G, H eight institutions (each institution completing six professional volunteer). Zero volunteer (Peking University, Tsinghua University), art book, professional, social sports, physical education,Ugg Australia, leisure and sports book, professional, and is listed as enrollment Tiqian Pi and specialist voluntary institutions (including police,Ugg Boots Outlet, military academies ), based upon the way of completing the voluntary reporting candidates in previous years can be divided into two separate undergraduate and specialist voluntary reporting,Ugg Boots Australia, the first reported for the exam completing undergraduate volunteers (including police, military class specialist), reported time in early May to 15 May days. Reported for the second time after the test reported vocational (specialist) Volunteers (except police, military class specialist outside), reporting time is late July (after the end of undergraduate admission) Where undergraduate college in the city to apply Candidates are required to participate 3 integrated a unified examination, three integrated a total score out of 630 points; just sit vocational (specialist) of the candidates, just to participate in three integrated unified examination, three integrated out out 480 points. Comprehensive test subjects raw score of 150 points,ugg sale uk, 2009 continue to be 20% of the candidates actual score, which included total score out of 30 points for candidates of other provinces universities (accredited colleges and universities in Shanghai Toudang extra points) of the City candidates, the city this year will continue to implement the Municipal Education Examination Yuan when Toudang 20 points Forms Pick out the policy of provincial universities, zero volunteer Tiqian Pi universities and other provinces and cities, except for arts college sports.

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