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Ingame Clan / duration not less than one month
« on: December 20, 2013, 08:52:15 pm »
21CN illegal Overheating 6 blog posts sentenced to infringement
Overheating in cattle network and Sina Bo opened a blog, respectively. January 5, 2006 began, Overheating have in these two blog published a church our children correctly read (Cont.), Perpetual Motion, infinite rotten and other six articles of about 23,000 words. Overheating think 21CN violation of his right of publication, the right to network dissemination of information and protection of the right of integrity,Ugg Outlet, so to two yuan per word as the standard, in September 2006 will be 21CN (by Century Dragon Information Network limited liability company) to court requiring the defendant to a letter of apology published on the site home page (duration not less than one month) and the way apology to the plaintiff 47,544 yuan compensation for loss of remuneration and reasonable expenses of 5,ugg boots sale uk,752 yuan November 9,Ugg Outlet, 2006,ugg outlet uk, the Court held a public hearing this Tianhe case. Court held that: Overheating has been published on his blog involved, which was published right had not been violated. Given Overheating advocated two dollars per word excessive royalties,, royalties Overheating court defendant to compensate losses and expenses reasonably incurred a total of 7780 yuan RMB. 21CN after receiving the verdict has been appealed. (N101)

Shoutbox / destruction
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:39:40 pm »
52 mistakenly linked to nuclear incidents suspected shady,
Staff will missiles hanging under the wing of the aircraft, each side hung up 6. After checking the right missiles, flight officer says 12 is not installed in the AGM129 missile warheads signed the certificate. However, flight officer did not notice the left wing of the six missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, each costing warheads power equivalent to 10 Hiroshima atomic bomb these details in the next 36 hours are unnoticed, these missiles flew to Louisiana with aircraft That state of an air base, and the base did not know there will be a nuclear warhead to arrive. It is 40 years, in the absence of special high-level authorization, a bomber carrying nuclear warheads for the first time in U.S. airspace flying this incident very seriously, so you want to submit rare bent spear report (nuclear major problems) , has been along the chain of command to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and President Bush made public three weeks after the event, based on the preliminary findings that the Air Force's current or former U.S. officials interviewed, Washington Post to get new details will be blamed Louisiana and North Dakota security blunders multiple departments to Minot Air Force Base is loaded warheads on bombers, more than 15 hours of time does not receive special protection, even after they reach Louisiana, also continue to mount nearly nine hours on the plane was discovered. No one knows in the case of nuclear warheads are placed outside of the Air Force Nuclear Safety Network Monitoring for up to one day more than a missile storage room led to an error in every aspect of subsequent error: ground crew failed to notice a nuclear warhead, safety personnel and flight crew failed to give enough attention,ugg outlet, nor a comprehensive inspection. Preliminary findings indicate that,Ugg Boots Sale, during the Cold War has formed strict vetting and command procedures of nuclear safety system completely ignored the incident had been preceded by a warning --- some of them from excessive storage of nuclear weapons on the Air Force facility security issues warnings Even the Bush administration (including the National Security Council, including the) top know. Risks are not likely to be unintentionally detonated nuclear warheads, but this omission may be theft, destruction, or toxic proliferation of nuclear materials provide an opportunity to understand the particulars of a former member of the National Security Council described the incident as a White House is guaranteed had never happened.  The official said 29 to 30 August happened are including crew,ugg boots uk sale, munitions supply, storage and tracking procedures, etc. These different departments negligent dereliction of duty --- this should not happen on the same day, Last fall, Air Force more than 17 years more than 400 pieces AGM129 cruise missiles, by the then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered the retired, the base of the people know that this is carried by the B52 nuclear weapon delivery systems. Minot Air Force Base was told that these missiles will begin shipping to Louisiana's Barksdale Air Force Base is stored in before August 29, the base staff have delivered more than 200 missiles, and according to known procedures described in at 9:12 on August 29, aboard two trucks into the ground crew Minot Air Force Base weapons storage area, they drove the car to a place where a cruise missile munitions custody officer is responsible for this should be Check the nuclear warheads. In the cruise missile has a postage stamp-sized windows, the staff can use it to check whether it is the silver bullet inside. Missiles or mark on the red ribbon is often used to give extra warning missile trucks pulled out from the bunker, joined the Air Force Base among normal traffic, then to the apron outside the missile hanging in the B52 bomber. Staff to six nuclear bombs hanging in the lower left-wing bombers and hung under the wing of another six models not equipped with a nuclear warhead missiles. Since hanging bombs trouble, this process took eight hours to 17:12, this 12 cruise missiles were hanging in the B52 bomber, including six nuclear bombs According to Iran's Press TV website on September 22 reported that an anti-Bush activities of the organization, said the accident with the Minot Air Force Base have been implicated in the mysterious death of six members of the Minot Air Force when the accident occurred, a B52 bomber mistaken contains the six nuclear warheads, in a number of states flying over the more than three hours. Air Force had to investigate the matter, and the lifting of a squadron leader's duties in addition to a squadron commander was relieved of his duties, the crew members involved in the accident (including ground crew workers) have also been canceled temporarily disposal Ammunition for the legitimate government activities eligible citizens organizations say the six members of the U.S. Air Force is directly involved with the matter, they either ammunition loader or pilot. These per capita in seven days accidentally killed the victims, including the Air Force a pilot Todd Blue (20 years old). Vacation in Virginia, he died during an accident in another, from Barksdale Air Force Base, a couple were killed on the highway. Police said the two were riding a motorcycle, driving her husband, the wife sitting in the back. Motorcycle collided with a car crash from Minot Air Force Base, 20-year-old pilot Adam Baars also killed in suburban crash with military officials say Minot Air Force Base, 28-year-old bomber pilot Weston. Kissel together in Tennessee crash deaths in Northeast Washington,Ugg Canada, police are still missing Air Force captain found in John Phrygia's body. The activities of the organization, said six members of the Air Force's mysterious death may hint: Air Force base in order to cover the accident the truth Gaimainuote planned conspiracy together.

Selling / such as chess chess
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:37:45 pm »
About Tiananmen
Because of this, they are able to stand under the magnificent Tiananmen Square, or leave a shadow in front of Tiananmen, is a very memorable thing today, social progress, science and technology in development; traffic developed,ugg boots, there is labor income. People travel tourism, is not uncommon, not only can view five Lake Amusement universal, but also out of the country to see the exotic style. Today, in Tiananmen Square before the pictures taken, is no longer a distant thing. Dad had promised me,ugg outlet, be sure to take me to the Tiananmen Square, the National Museum, the Great Wall, see, I believe that this is just my dad's study time and working time mutual communication and coordination problems. However, a small celebration for Chen and his partner, in that era, in that remote town,cheap ugg, this desire has to much more difficult to achieve, this desire has to be much stronger. After the movie, in turn want, the kind of look forward to savings and the joy of success, I have not and I admire my age Xiaoqing students in the study, to have a good wash phase hobbies photography . I usually have a number of interest groups to participate in the activities, also participated in some off-campus classes, such as chess chess,Ugg Outlet, badminton, erhu, Hulusi and so on. Although I also like these interests, but felt he did not find love and deepest investment preferences. Dad said he was my age, it is already in the disassembly watch radio recorders, but I think these things are very difficult to see the side, at least our family have all been eliminated, you said split a MP4 or digital camera right, a split it was broken, and not a warranty, does not pay ah. Dad said, too, had no money, just want to tinker with a knockoff own; bad money to repair, mend it yourself for another three years; is now building his own one too costly, might as well buy a cheap; repair a almost like buying a price, do not click directly into the Trash as I believe, and certainly a lot of students like me, like most fascinating thing is the Internet, play games. Dad says he can be as magical as Noble grandfather, not only can put my portrait on Tiananmen Square, but also can be placed on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the U.S. White House, just a few minutes. Dad had taught me several minor use PhotoShop software, I was not interested did not learn, I only like CorssFire Cross Fire. Read I love Beijing Heavenly Gate movie, I think it should be looking for a genuine interest in their hobby. This hobby too small celebration with them, Noble grandfather had done the same, there is the difficulty of wisdom; an exchange, there is mutual; has exploration, research; There practice has failed; has feelings and experiences, but also to have the final That success is to learn and master the hobbies I already have a computer, I should not have to waste time to throw in there,, but to extract from the inside taken out. Play less games, learn skills; make a master, online worry; everything proficient, offline worry.

Games / there is a university student
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:34:31 pm »
A bank teller's real income and to pay is to get doctors to modify article
And with this Correspondingly, the majority of Internet users believe that bank employees white money, black money, ash and may take a lot of money. Why would both feel such a big difference? Working as a bank employee, I do not want to say truths, want to talk about my own experience one, I graduated in 2004, when the monthly income of 880 yuan plus with all. Although it is tax, but sometimes you have to deduct personnel file hosting fees, malpractice insurance, etc., hand even less. Fortunately, banks have dormitory and cafeteria, the monthly basic consumption of 500 yuan, but also save some money, parents, and other occupations wife is not very understanding, so far no repairing up their own small home. This went on for five years, until two years have increased income, monthly income of 1,100 yuan, but those in other industries than my high school students, at least less than half. The same qualifications, the same length of service, my job and income will never catch them. So I see now college students, said the monthly income of 1,500 yuan is also willing to do the job at a disadvantage, really do not know what to say two, I came to start the night shift, from 6:30 am the next morning. Less time once a week, twice a week and more often; good night sleep time,Ugg Boots Cheap, but also vigilant in order to deal with emergency situations, bad luck, do not sleep all night is not uncommon. Envy those who do not work the night shift, as most white-collar workers. When they laugh at the entertainment until dawn, we had another bank employees busy sleepless nights. Just a year ago, the duty fee or $ 20, say others could not believe. But think about sleep this night is passed, and I feel good about a lot of three,, there is a university student, to work with me, is a salesman. 2004 that there was no future, resignation into another company. At that time he said something to me, I have been unforgettable, he said: I can finally do the night shift, and finally there is the Golden Week. At that time, our bank teller or not normal reception Savings vacation, no Golden Week, We never talk about what paid leave, never talk about annual tourism. I am sorry proposed vacation, because a lot of work, you go to do more things mean four others, to work every day, the first sentence to myself today, do not crash, they will not think to take what money . Li's branch, there is no simple customer, more difficult people. Else the neighborhood can not be pushed to us here, we can only face, a problem only with their own pocket. Things do not have to consider the extra money, because we want to be able to quickly sent away like, we can go home at ease, there is no possibility to mention other requirements, because that will give us more trouble my own wife is pregnant, the But I told the wife agreed that, in any case can not let her grow up in the bank teller current station. Learn what better than teller relaxed, do not Bigan teller safe,ugg boots for sale, do not earn more than doing teller? Many of my colleagues have the same idea. We have been busy ignoring his pregnant wife,ugg outlet, can not let her eat the same pain I am also banking front desk staff, in 2003 graduated from college, is pregnant, the work from 7:30 am to take notes or branch, 8:30 begin to work at noon only dinner time, no rest, at 6:00 pm after work, and other notes into the basic car until 7:00, so sad bonus distribution is extremely unreasonable, completely depends on your relationship with the leadership, pay would give you a good relationship, relationships give you a lot of good points less! The leaders give yourself points will be fair to say you do? How many points is opaque to completely mask the whole! Basic salary 1400, there are about 1000 per month deducted, all add up to less than a year to hand cash certainly 3W!
After my kids can not do anything in the bank, deceived by the way,Ugg Boots Outlet, I was originally known as one of the four major state-owned banks XX in rows, CCTV news said a few days ago, our employees ranked financial income industry last first!
16th Floor: Emile children 0511 9:53 Forums seal ID Global seal ID I also bank teller, 2006 to participate in the work. Unlike the above said treatment so little about 450,000 a year, but the bonus distribution is indeed unfair, especially for our teller! And do teller really annoying, what customers have to face, the sound is a big bad attitude. Also many customers still look down and told us the waiter! Working hours are not rules, no holidays, there is risk of losing money! Banking is a good job, but never include bank teller! So I hope we can only hope that in the public service with a smile, but also want the public to smile at us! Respect is mutual.

Help / registration system
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:32:36 pm »
About Nordisk wings grading Bond Securities Investment Fund opened wings of B cross-system transfer custody business bulletin,ugg uk
Raising period in the wings of B,ugg boots sale uk, B through the wings off,ugg outlet, the venue public offering two ways in which institutions,ugg boots for sale, including the OTC sale of fund managers direct sales outlets and specify the commission agencies, off-sale share registered in the wings of B registration system; venue offering fund distribution agencies as having qualified member of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the venue offering the wings B shares registered in the securities registration and settlement systems. According to the fund Fund Agreement provides that the Fund Fund Contract within three years after entry into force,ugg boots uk, wings B shares in the fund will apply on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Wings B listed, registered in the securities registration and settlement systems wings B share directly in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; registered in the registration system of the wings B share can apply for custody transfer across systems business will fund shares in custody transfer securities registration and settlement systems, and then traded. Wings B Please note that the specific listing and trading of the relevant notice of fund managers in order to ensure the interests of fund shareholders by the Fund Manager to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. to apply wings B since 2012 April 16, the opening date of transfer across the system hosting business. OTC subscription wings B fund share holders can subscribe wings of B wing B OTC sales agencies for custody transfer operations across the system will transfer custody to fund venue (securities registration and settlement systems); venue subscription wings B fund share holders can subscribe wings B, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has a corresponding member of handling business qualification wings B cross-system transfer custody business, the wings of B share custody transfer to OTC (registration system). Specific cross-system business will transfer custody of the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited relevant regulations.

Guides / how many times burn the midnight oil
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:29:58 pm »
2012 in the exam greetings
2012 greetings in the examination in the examination blessing SMS to encourage third-term
1, my greatest wish is this: I wish you could successfully admitted to a good school year, the number of days and nights, how many days the ups and downs, how many times burn the midnight oil, I believe that hard work will pay off eventually, I believe you success in the examination , I believe you are my pride and Italy,Ugg Australia, come ah!
2, so the days are persevered, only the last two weeks, and continue to refuel,ugg boots outlet, I believe you will be successful, successfully admitted to the ideal, the victory will be yours forever!
3, are you okay, your old classmates from afar sincere bless you in the examination this year,Ugg Boots Canada, among the bang nomination, took first place,, was admitted to the hearts of the ideal high school, and then into the life of the ivory tower!
4, kids, mom and dad you are the continuation of life, but also hope for the future mom and dad, your every move mom and dad always affects the heart. Long way to go in the future,cheap ugg boots for sale, you must be brave to face any challenge, Mom and Dad is your solid backing 5, wish the world happy to spend all the candidates in the examination. Bless you hit the ground running, and achieved good success. Fair to treat the entrance, you are the best! Merciful God will bless you, believe in yourself, can do it!
6, all of the country is willing candidates able to participate in the examination usual mentality, play to their level, admitted to a good school. I sincerely wish you seven road does not have to always go back to all the children are under the sky blooming flowers rain seasons are a Zhang Meili's face May you stay deep in my eyes you are my brother is my sister 8, spring green heaven and earth, autumn is the gold in the world. May you go green with the youth coming autumn brewing 9, with those color shell to weave your poetry it, go with that cluster constellation compose songs of your life, you need fantasy notes.

Selling / mountains
« on: December 20, 2013, 05:03:29 am »
2012 Hong Kong Mark Six year data
Snap into,ugg outlet, lightning struck investors scolded telecommunications male customer Yantian A 000088 hands of the disc, but it was completely transparent things are like a mirror, as in the lightning flashed, that lightning suddenly return, facing the crape away!
Two hundred and ninetieth eight chapters I kill a male customer service telecom investors curse Yantian A 000088!
Wonderful silk face changed, his body rapidly backward,ugg boots, sideways almost instantly removed all the way, and saw that the lightning struck mercilessly distant mountains,, roar, mountains, rocky edge of collapse, dust splattered red,Ugg Boots, can not believe you actually practice became the Jinzhou crape crape teeth,cheap ugg, you have nothing, so I grab when you go back and talk about it to trial
Wonderful silk sneer a few times, hum, red, you think with a Jinzhou, you can deal with me?
Investors scolded telecommunications Yantian A 000088 male customer's face is more cold, as if the sky thunder is his emotional reactions in general, lightning in a friendly Hongye Group 600778ST Harbin Pharmaceutical Group 600664ST sheet 000 761 000 689

$ 400 million grew 12,
SAN FRANCISCO July 11 news Acer announced on Monday,ugg uk, June revenues of NT $ 27.344 billion yuan (about 840 million U.S. dollars), representing an increase of 12.4 in May, but did not reach the level of analyst expectations of 30 billion yuan; on half of total consolidated revenue of NT $ 156.019 billion yuan, representing a growth of 18.7, according to Taiwan media reports, Acer chairman JT Wang recently in the shareholders' meeting,ugg boots uk, said the first half wait to buy gas,ugg boots outlet, resulting in market growth to a halt, but has developed a variety of marketing programs, future development will become more stable, consolidated revenue of NT $ 400 billion yuan this year, the goal is expected to be smoothly achieved. He also expects the third quarter than in the second quarter grew 10 operations over the global notebook brand manufacturers competitive effects, market rumors Acer inventory problem is not completely under control, leading to Acer market capitalization has shrunk dramatically,cheap ugg boots for sale, price from NT $ 80 yuan per share Recent fell NT $ 54 yuan or so.

Introductions / they begin to read
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:31:11 am »
A collective activity,ugg boots uk sale
In that sunny morning,Ugg Boots, I came to school early on, second class I and my classmates in the playground rehearsal. Before that I have practiced a lot of times at home, the other students to get out and tidy pace under the leadership of Li also practiced several times and finally the flag, I saw the students one after another came to the playground, I saw in speaking in front of so many people, and I feel as more tense. First,Ugg Australia, Y stage to introduce the students in our class, classmates and schoolmates Z4 Y1 is hosted students Z5 is the music director, they have done very good. Then it was my turn,ugg outlet, I was very nervous, you know this is my first time speaking in front of so many people, but I see a good performance in front of students, especially students in the flag as the national anthem when the beat, the national flag In the national anthem at the end of a smooth or roof, for I am both encouraged and is the pressure. When you hear 国旗下讲话 sound when she took my nervousness on stage, even I did not say what the subject read, they begin to read, I found that the audience listened attentively to my classmates are speech, and even forget the fear before,Ugg Boots Outlet, read aloud fluently down the campus suddenly broke into enthusiastic applause. I looked around the line ceremony and salute the team applause after stepping down as far in our whole class participation and efforts, we have successfully completed the courses of this school to our flag. Was later named favorite flag classes first.

Buying / inflation
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:28:07 am »
6 Guo Jingjing Huo Jiahao moved house quite Tatu and articles out Vivid
This week (October 19 October 25),Ugg Sale, there are media reports suited Guo Jingjing Huo Huo Jiahao door moved out of life. Hong Kong radio host revealed times this message in the blog,Ugg Boots Sale, but also had to take her mother to marry came in Loletta masterpiece contrast. Vivid quite Tatu and articles participate friends gatherings, during Vivid increase appetite, meal Mengchi. Xiao Bian through puzzles to tell you this week Entertaining recent media reports, Guo Jingjing Huo Jiahao door suited to move out of the Huo family life. Hong Kong radio host revealed times this message in the blog, but also had to take her mother to marry came in Loletta masterpiece contrast. There are rumors that married into the Hall family genealogical survey that year, they were many wealthy rule bound, quite unhappy. 1970s,, Loletta marry Timothy, when the groom out 4,Ugg Boots,000,000 gifts, become temporary story, then this amount enough to buy blocks of mansion. After a lapse of 20 years, inflation, Michelle Reis, Cathy, etc. marry Homer, two more zeros all gifts,ugg boots uk sale, or even billions of calculations.

Help / Japanese
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:59:50 am »
2011 Shaanxi adult college entrance examination subjects and exam schedule
(Four) high from this, Gao Qizhuan test subjects in a foreign language into English, Japanese,Ugg Australia, Russian three languages, by the candidates choose one Upgraded hierarchy located only English a language. These subjects out of 150 points,Ugg Boots Sale, the full implementation of sub-volume test. High from this,ugg boots sale, Gao Qizhuan the examination subjects for each exam time was 120 minutes; Upgraded Each exam time is 150 minutes. (Five) arts and sports specialty candidates must be Professional Plus test,ugg boots outlet, the candidate's course test the proposition by the admissions institutions themselves and organize the implementation. Provincial Admissions to develop and provide a unified information standards. All institutions must organize course test in October 28, 2011 will mark the disc and gradebook submitted to the Provincial Admissions, submit the results due to errors or submit on time all the consequences, by the institutions responsible. When the copyright owner and / or authorized to exercise a right to network dissemination of information upload content found violations of their right of information network dissemination,, rights issue should Huashang notice Huashang will take measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations remove the relevant content. (See Huashang affirm)

Chat / sensational reports and attacks on political corruption
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:47:54 am »
2010 latest 97 Dry happy erotic passion CAPE CAPE Heart Heart Mayday Hong Kong erotic color color network
As long as things to be known as yellow,ugg sale uk, the word is often sweep and hit of the object. In ancient China,
It is extremely noble yellow color, is the Royal Queen,ugg boots sale uk, and civilians were not allowed to use it. This is a variation of the center, the main
If affected by Western influences in 1894, the British founded the a magazine is called yellow magazine, a number of literary tendencies century novels
, Poet, essayist, painter, etc., around the formation of a magazine called decadent literary group. Their
Works, sometimes with a little mean, but can not be considered obscene. Arrest him an episode, the yellow magazine greatly tarnished reputation. At that time the newspaper said, Wang Er
Germany at the time of arrest sash is also a clip of yellow magazine, so people assume that this is not the same magazines and Wilde
Reputation, the next day it was to yellow magazine demonstrating in front of the publisher, with stones shattered the windows and in fact Wilde was arrested that day, sash clip book is a French writer Bill Louis's novel Eros This happened
At that time many French novels and cheap fiction,Ugg Canada, but also yellow cover. This novel called yellow book, but also
Is considered unrefined yellow magazine or, yellow book or whatever, so yellow and sexual, vulgar and so the concept
Contact has occurred. But at the same time,ugg boots for sale, across the Atlantic the U.S. newspaper industry, then there is a different yellow scene at New York's World News and Daily,ugg boots outlet, in order to expand the circulation and crazy competition. First J. Pulitzer bought
The Le Monde, with vivid, sensational reports and attacks on political corruption, the newspaper won the nation's most
Large circulation. At that time two widely used banner newspaper headlines, color comics, a lot of pictures and more hands
France, trying to cater to readers. This period is known as yellow journalism period which is the West's Yellow - or, kitsch or whatever, is considered to be low-level stuff.

52H Stratofortress bombers
Active duty in the U.S. military's strategic bombers, B52H confrontation with the enemy air defense weapons capability is relatively weak. Therefore, it is air-based cruise missiles carrying conventional enemy ground targets hit, it usually does not fly into enemy air defense weapons within the scope of the damage area using conventional air-based cruise missiles, strategic bombers B52H survive relatively strong, which is already in Kosovo War, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has been tested and confirmed. Practical experience shows that: the first round of large-scale air-based cruise missiles are an important part of air strikes to destroy a fixed ground need to spend about four target air-based cruise missiles,ugg outlet uk, and to render useless just 12 air-based cruise missiles that available. Air-based cruise missiles preferred targets are the enemy critical infrastructure, such as: senior military command authorities and government departments, communications systems, command and control systems, air defense systems, military industrial enterprises and so on. B52H strategic bombers are usually two to a group grouping flying at an altitude of approximately 800,010,000 meters, with an average flight speed of 800,850 kilometers when. Upon receipt of air-based cruise missiles launched after the command, B52H strategic bombers will gradually lower altitude, in a hollow or low altitude (preferably at 100,200 km from the coastline) to 700 km flight speed when launching air-based cruise missiles. B52H strategic bomber is installed inside the fuselage universal rotary missile launchers, generally carry loaded eight air-based cruise missiles, can carry up to 20 air-based cruise missiles, eight air-based cruise missiles in all within 5 minutes launch is completed. B52H strategic bombers flying during multiple sets, each formation between optimal departure time interval is about 3040 minutes, which is in the real conclusion. After air-based cruise missiles after launch, B52H strategic bombers will return immediately and report to Headquarters itself apart from the use of munitions capable of firing air-based cruise missiles, B52H strategic bombers also weak against the enemy air defense forces in areas implementing intensive bombing, the use of  Harpoon anti-ship missiles to attack enemy surface ships and conduct maritime Bray B52H strategic bombers bombed the focus is in the assembly area or march state enemy ground forces command post, communications hub, arsenal,Ugg Canada, oilseeds libraries, major transport hubs and other infrastructure. According to the task type, damage the target, the time required to divide, B52H bombing bombing can be divided into synchronous,, sustained bombing, calling the bombing and reconnaissance bombing. According to the scale of combat can be divided into intensive bombing, bombing concentrated, multi-batch and single bombing bombing during the bombing, B52H strategic bombers will be mixed with other air forces to form air strikes cluster. According to the results of the U.S. several exercises summed up an experience that: In order to achieve maximum operational effectiveness, mixed air strikes cluster composed by 30 aircraft, including strategic bombers number of about 1015. Attack enemy targets, strategies Bombers should take multiple batches and multi-directional attack marshalling. B52H strategic bomber flight route choice is luxurious, the first consideration is the shortest flight time and the shortest distance. Bomb bombing, B52H should be maintained at low altitude (about 600 m) or high-altitude (10,000 meters or so) to the flight speed of 600,850 kilometers horizontally bomb. By convention, each B52H strategic bombers loaded are the same type of ammunition. If you want to achieve the best effect of the bombing, allowing different groups B52H load a different aviation ammunition, then you can right B52H coordinated attack,ugg uk, the high-altitude bombing and strafing their pros and cons. Strafing can significantly improve the non-guided aerial bomb hit rate, but B52H extremely vulnerable to enemy anti-aircraft fire hit the ground, is very risky. Altitude bombing while lowering B52H the probability of damage, but the effect of the bombing was not ideal, especially small targets and high protection against the enemy target basically no impact on the enemy surface ships is B52H strategic bombers to carry out attacks is an important task. In the case of maximum combat load, B52H portability mounted 8 AGM84A Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Combat, B52H with other aviation air assault forces to form a number of clusters, each cluster containing two assault B52H. Air Assault cluster simultaneously or successively (about 1 hour intervals) took flight, to attack enemy surface ships. B52H fly to 70 kilometers away from the enemy begins to lower altitudes (from 300 meters up to minimum altitude), from the firing position to launch the Harpoon anti-ship missiles quickly return. Throughout the attack action, E3A AWACS and shore-based patrol aircraft are responsible for providing strategic bombers B52H security and intelligence information indicating surface targets, enemy electronic warfare aircraft is responsible for the implementation of surface ships electromagnetic interference and destruction. Of course, these special aircraft must stay in the fight against enemy anti-aircraft fire outside the scope B52H key strategic bomber but also on the sea and the Gulf waterway blockade the Strait Regional Implementation Bray. Bray time, B52H flight altitude of about 200 meters, the flight speed of 700 km, the mines in no way put on a parachute. B52H strategic bombers once mined a total length of about 930 sea miles,Ugg Boots Cheap, take-off time can be deployed 23 minefields Currently, the Air Force Command is arguably B52H bombers feasibility of installation of electronic warfare equipment. US military experts pointed out that given B52H strategic bombers electronic warfare capabilities have at least two advantages: first, to enhance the strategic bomber rapid response and quick-strike capability, even in areas far away from the United States sudden outbreak of military conflict circumstances, B52H can in the shortest possible time from a local resident enemy air bases starting the implementation of remote raid; Second, by virtue of superior endurance and long endurance, B52H fully able to act in the theater over electronic interference machine's role is to provide national or allied forces to support combat troops, it is estimated that only six transformation B52H own troops will be able to provide all-weather electronic interference protection. In addition, B52H After performing their bombing mission, but also for other air assault forces to provide electronic warfare protection should be noted that the U.S. Air Force chose B52H as electronic jamming aircraft is not without reason. And compared to other models of strategic bombers, B52H larger space inside the machine. Therefore, in addition to carrying loaded ammunition raid outside a place full installation of electronic warfare equipment, and does not require the aircraft to make a larger body structure changes all, do not look B52H strategic bombers age has been great, but it Reliability is still very strong, technical preparation up to 80%. B52H both took off from the Permanent Air Base, also from the front air base off, all conventional portable mounted aerial munitions, mainly used to meet regional military conflicts, the U.S. Air Force strategic bomber is one of the main model.

980,000 Series D from Beijing Automotive Saab officially listed
Saab D series official guide price model price (ten thousand yuan) 1.8T version 18.81.8T Chief Executive Edition 21.162.0T fashion version 13.982.0T comfortable version 14.982.0T Elite Edition 16.582.0T Deluxe Edition 18.182.3T Elite Edition 19.582 .3 T Deluxe Edition 21.58
Beiqi Saab D series is to spend $ 197 million acquisition of Saab's three vehicle platforms, two engine series, two gearbox technology ownership, the launch of the first mass-produced models. Located in the mid-size car, based on its platform and powertrain are derived from the first generation Saab 95 models, including the classic GM2900 platform, Saab FAMIII series engines. Saab D series tendency sporty exterior design, similar design course at the same level of own-brand models is very rare, simple alignment of the body looks very tough. Saab D department designs originated in Chengdu Motor Show last year, BAIC C70G, compared BAIC C70G models, Saab D line shape only in the network has been modified, and the rest remained the same front part,Ugg Boots Canada, Saab D uses the popular series X shaped front face shape, such as wing-like stretch of the grille in honeycomb grille mix, let the front face even more dynamic. Sharp headlights with LED daytime running lights, the visual effect is very good body side, slightly rising waistline through the body, both to ensure that the vehicle's overall sense. Saab D series uses low to high before the body design, you can create a strong dynamic visual experience, short-tailed sports car design is also usual design approach compared to the sharp front design, Saab D series in the rear The more conservative treatment. Simple rear lines without much exaggeration elements, LED taillights and front echoing the style, the overall feeling yet stable temperament dimensions, Saab D series length,Ugg Outlet, width and height respectively 4861mm/1820mm/1462mm, wheelbase to 2755mm. As mentioned above, Saab D series is based on the first generation Saab 95 chassis to build, but in order to better adapt to the needs of domestic consumers, Beiqi engineers will carry out a new car's wheelbase lengthened processing using relatively traditional Saab D Series symmetric center console design, the control panel layout is simple, with a strong sense of hierarchy. Black color also sports cars Preferred color scheme, the overall visual effect tends younger materials used, car panel with black paint materials and embellished with silver chrome trim to enhance visual effects. On the other hand, Saab D series uses the same red-stitched leather seats sports express a strong atmosphere. As an independent brand Chevrolet, Saab D series standard materials were superior configuration, Saab D series with a full line of multi-function steering wheel, shift paddles, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a key to start and so comfortable configuration . In the high vehicle also joined by 8-inch LCD touch screen multimedia control system, Bluetooth communication system, BOSE sound system, LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, automatic headlight height adjustment, headlamp cleaning, rear window electric shade blinds, electric heating / ventilation front seats power systems and other configurations are highlights of Saab D series, including new cars are equipped with the 2.0T, 2.3T engines are used with the prior consistent Saab 95. This FAMIII series engine is the year of the first generation Saab core power, after years of market testing has become very mature and reliable market for the first models, the use of proven technologies to be more conservative approach. From this perspective, the manufacturers compare the value of Saab's first production model of quality, technical delivery strategy somewhat conservative new technology can reduce the enormous risks, but also to ensure the car has enough quality to win the reputation of a reliable parameter respect, Saab D series is equipped 2.0T engine maximum power 204Ps (150kW) / 5500rpm, maximum torque of 290Nm/4500rpm; 2.3T engine's maximum power is 250Ps (184kW) / 5300rpm, maximum torque of 350Nm/4500rpm. Although these two engines not equipped with the popular direct injection, variable valve timing technology,Cheap Ugg, but the engine parameters are not weaker than today's mainstream same displacement supercharged engines. In addition, Saab D series also introduced two official vehicle procurement market for the 1.8T version of the model Transmission, Saab D series also follows the Saab 95 legacy systems, all models with 5-speed manual and five-speed manual Transmission to choose from. This traditional system and the engine are available for years of proven technology, matched with the engine has excellent performance and reliability in the camp of their own brands Chevrolet, Saab D Series price advantage is not obvious, but at the same price a joint venture brand models,Ugg Boots Cheap, new cars and brand recognition in the technical aspects of some gaps. Perhaps the future performance of the new car market is not optimistic, but for the first placing on the market of new products, Saab D series's main task is to build a good brand reputation, application of new technologies then it could give the future launch of new models. From this perspective, Saab D series possess the qualities sufficient to accomplish its mission. As Beiqi Saab platform technology after years of painstaking development after the launch of the first production models, Saab D series somewhat conservative in terms of technology, through the use of proven technologies can ensure that the new car's performance in product reliability. Look from the product itself, Saab D series mainly in shape, interior arrangement and configuration has been optimized,cheap ugg, which will effectively enhance the competitiveness of their products, the technical level is to rely on proven technology to ensure the reliability of the new car's reputation. For Saab D series in the future market performance how? We will wait and see! (Xinhua Auto Text / Wangxiao Chen)

Ingame Clan / steering column crumple obvious deformation
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2013 auto industry should begin to improve GB threshold
The reason I say that is because in 2012 the automotive industry, there has been a great development, but also exposed many problems restricting development of the industry. Some institutional issues, some conceptual problems, left in 2013 to improve. Among them, the smallest change in the relative difficulty is the substantial increase in China's automobile industry, the existing national standards, in order to improve industry access threshold, to provide consumers with better products, better development industry to make onlookers feel cars GB should greatly improve the industry event is held twice CNCAP recent crash test results from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center,Ugg Boots Outlet, started the second half of this year 2012 edition CNCAP standard, once again increased the difficulty of evaluation. Up to now,ugg outlet uk, a total of two batches of 12 new models in evaluation, which launched its own brand in 5 models discussed before,Ugg Canada Outlet, please allow me to introduce CNCAP roughly the relationship between the national standards on vehicle safety, the Government has introduced many of the mandatory national standards and recommended national standards. For mandatory national standard, automotive products must meet to pass the test to be eligible for sale. At present, China initially established by the vehicle frontal impact, side impact and rear crash car crash consisting of mandatory national standards system. Frontal collision national mandatory standards GB115512003 passenger frontal impact occupant protection, recommended standards for the GB/T209132007 passenger frontal offset crash occupant protection mentioned in the text, but does not belong to any of the above CNCAP kind of a third party which is standard, but above the relevant requirements of the national standard automobile. For example 2012 edition CNCAP management rules will rear collision rates for the first time included in the dummy CNCAP evaluation results, which one would not be included in GB in another example, new regulations CNCAP positive 40% overlap deformable barrier crash (offset crash) test speed from the original speed of 56km / h up to 64km / h, greatly increasing the moment of impact throughout the body frame to the impact force, the level of safety design for automotive manufacturers challenging. In addition, it increases the low-speed crash tests neck protection, namely whiplash test project, through simulation tests rear-end accident vehicle occupant neck injury degree to verify safety seats, seat belt warning neck protection of personnel In these tests the adequacy of the Great Wall C50 have achieved good performance. For example, in a 40% offset frontal crash, the A-pillar, B pillar and C-pillar did not occur sag and wrinkle, 4 doors can be easily opened; crew cabin interior pedal intrusion deformation is small, steering column crumple obvious deformation, can effectively protect the driver's seat dummy's chest. This is mainly thanks to its front and rear bumper beam,ugg uk, front panels, side panels, A pillar and other components on the extensive use of high-strength steel and ultra-high strength steel plates with side impact bars, used to suppress the door deformation. In this collision, the Great Wall C50 than Volkswagen Magotan scores even higher, you know, has always claimed Magotan high security performance car, while the Great Wall C50 can transcend their scores, showing their own strength and quality of the product is completely different companies face different results We can only say that like the Great Wall C50 models at design time to seriously consider how to protect the safety of occupants in the security design, security and other aspects of the collision did lead,Ugg Canada Outlet, which is commendable local standards and national standard CNCAP difference so large, so we had to think about this question: our GB standard is too low?
With fierce competition, disadvantaged businesses had a bad start the day, but still some distance from tough. If you really want the government departments concerned to promote the automobile industry, industrial restructuring, by improving technical standards to raise the threshold is a good choice. Suppose we would collide GB step up to CNCAP three-star standard models, it will eliminate a lot of low-level models, Forced enterprise and industry to adjust Some people may say, this will only hurt their own brands, so wrong. Bystanders agreed the first phrase, which is now greatly improved national standards will only hurt the deepest brands. But I wish to ask: if there own brands such as Great Wall Motor (601633, stock it) can do it, why can not you? Raise another one: industrial restructuring must be to eliminate low-level enterprises, if low-level enterprises are independent brands, we do not need to adjust it?
In fact, bystanders insisted that, when the Chinese auto market matures, the automotive industry will integrate some of the scale can be formed, and in competition with the joint venture can occupy a dominant position in certain brands to gain a foothold in fact, this year, The market has proven that those products with low power companies have been very difficult to survive, companies with high product strength performance is completely different. Five star of the Great Wall C50 can achieve monthly sales results of more than 5000, two star of the E150 last month, sales of less than 2000. This contrast is perhaps not entirely coincidental national automobile industry, should not and can not be built on the basis of protecting backward, in order to raise national standards greatly improved technological barriers, seemingly a huge impact on their own brands, but this is only a specious argument. Apply the government used a word, technical threshold elevation will eliminate those backward production capacity, will be more conducive to the healthy and steady development.

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