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« on: December 19, 2013, 11:06:01 pm »
National Outstanding Children's Literature Award Ceremony held in Beijing
September uggs sandals 24, access to the Ninth National Award for Outstanding Children's Literature Award for fiction uggs writers and presenters photo. Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Ye and Hua She
Xinhua Xinhua Beijing May (Reporter Liao Yi) Excellent first session of the National Children's Literature Award Ceremony on the evening of China National Grand Theatre this award from publishers participate in the competition, the effective application of the work to achieve the Ministry (papers), bit children's literature Writers get this lofty literary honor Chinese Writers Association President Tie Ning, vice minister of the Central uggs votter Propaganda Department Zhai Weihua ugg hjemmesko attended the award ceremony and award winning writer Tie Ning said at the awards ceremony, this award-winning show China in recent years to explore the creation uggs delizah of overknee støvler children's literature fruitful uggs justin bieber results, strong evidence of the children's literature development and prosperity. Children are the future, for them to write literature is toward the future of literature, is filling with uggs baby hope, carrying the dream of literature. Children's literature hearts of children lit a lamp, which lights illuminate generations of children to grow up the way the famous writer ugg udsalg of children's literature, the first session of the National Children's Literature Award Jury outstanding director Gao Hongbo said, China has more than one hundred million children, children's literature as an important carrier of a minor child's education, uggs norge nettbutikk more and more attention; ranks of the large number of children's literature, publishers of children's books published invested great enthusiasm. billige uggs på nett Therefore, at present is the Chinese Children Literature One of the best times in history.

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« on: December 19, 2013, 11:02:28 pm »
Strong push something nice end of the novel palm
An Old Woman spit a mouthful so I was not really temper smile creases his face, he tells the dog not to chase the magpie pecked. Green chrysanthemum girl does not? Report soon to go into the house.
See Mrs. Green chrysanthemum water bottle in front of the most effective steward actually put up with her this time there will certainly be a good thing ugg støvler i danmark to know. But ahead of a good thing to fall into this yard is not necessarily a good thing really wants to AN Mom You catch my breath. Twisting on a low table and he poured a cup of tea from the square brew still warm uggs sale for a moment. Days not cold not hot drink with comfortable you are not do not know the girl had recently raised lack rested half an hour this afternoon will be the child is asleep. Otherwise your drink ugg boots norge slowly we two words to say the other was filled with loose movement instantly give your pass to go.
Oh it is able to do such a thing? Ahead of the rooms are blessed with incredible girl who wait on several girls without touching the ground. Were actually busy. Green chrysanthemum quickly to help the girl awoke ugg boots uk to Chou Chou chances. An Old Woman mouth laughing on green chrysanthemum tea to drink leak is first-class second-class girl is old Pufu ugg norge nettbutikk An Old Woman Old Woman, but today it was unusually polite is a clever girl looking nose is not usually in the right eye can reach out and she did not fight smiling laughed, I beg to ask my mother to sit.
Sneaking awakened the girl did not own discussions with stakeholders can play.
Another green hand uggs on sale firmly holding mahogany saucer smoke on white porcelain teapot cup bottom. Delicate than porcelain also do not wear wrist a bracelet child. Zhaixiu cloud color skirt willow leaves Chen Chun garnet color BEL waist a new green tea sachets Dutch silver drawstring bags do not even have hair wear satin fastened with only one child so plain girl just started when affixed to wait behind Like a shadow gray green chrysanthemum over half ten days before gradually got the idea Ink purple girl but to see some tea to wake up? the girl woke up first thing given to a cup of warm tea, a girl of two carved yesterday girl wake ugg støvler online up early. afraid that if they wake up early to late tea prepared something to say so first down. purple ink penetration into the sun to see a window Today Goalkeeping value into the room to do what?
The little girl is working to have the girl in the yard how no one assigned? Green chrysanthemum Zuisui Let's just being bullied. Migraine do not care about the girl we had to retire janitor large sun tan underneath smoke throats .'s not afraid of the sun, after all, was with the girl seem to leave out over sin. then go home tired little girl who had to share called dry-ahead run overtly or covertly, we ......
Listen complain nor interrupted ink purple fringing down mahogany saucer green chrysanthemum plum snow removing wire rope dense tea pot basket will go lest tea hot security mom can really sit still. Purple ink gave an opening or not opening the Green Daisy called Ray look like talking on the forgotten and this girl An Old Woman knowing nothing afternoon nap deliberately scheduled to be picking up the hour to meet with the girl must not let in. beating. see how to do? Ink Purple girl around in time, but more than six months but compared to playing small serve up better put on her green chrysanthemum frown crooked E, then thought, she hire knock the door to let the dog chase she is not what she said magpie.
Nay? Said that it was not such ugg votter a thing other girls spin room all around it. Green chrysanthemum say 7788 after lowering whispered, listen to her speak much deliberation seemed really happy event may still want vain in the end What is the happy event. said years ago, the girl back to the house to put classic books taken away. Mrs. surface and agreeable, said the girl was at home all these years pipe shop and went south to north is too hard to break through the beginning of summer. Zan girl this head rest to the other end of classic books Siye and Wu Ye put a What does that mean? meaning that white hard!
Green chrysanthemum both girls decided as long as we prepare our part. Think of books like those high hills or purple ink blue Dai Mei provoked quite a good mood this yard is green chrysanthemum most did not mind a Du Qizui for our girl worth. hard in recent years wedding dress for others.
That said, here we can go to the hospital if the other girl kneeling slate dare to speak out of turn. Dissuasive green chrysanthemum purple ink was reaching uggs cleaning for her hit screens, hehe smile, inside said, the girl, and me.
Two into the back room, a stitch yarn tie off, a pour pouring layers of gauze opened, Zhichuang seeped out from the cloud of light, shining up that bed in shadows. Ukrainian month bun, the new Liu Mei, almond eyes, pink lotus lips. Face peach, skin jade mussels. Haowan Qingtai, a wonderful head turn. Barbara is a beauty to the moon, bright purple ink extraordinary edge of the bed to sit down, he'll hand it over to a water rinse mouth uggs sandals thin fur Niang, but also received a purple ink prepared warm tea, drink half a cup, this feel tired sleep of the body can expand some green chrysanthemum, you come in, that who else is guarding the door? Qiu Sanniang threw a coat out of bed, went to the bronze mirror, took comb, comb slowly walked ink purple suitcase there, Xia Yuntao sets out powder skirt and floral clusters over a wide Xiupao Kam, to Qiu Qiu Niang Niang saw a face, eyebrows light rope, do not go out, pick what to do so brilliant? change a coming.
Girl, door when guests, mostly they make you go forward first wife there this spring sweater is sent sent his wife the other day, ugg støvler the day again hot, you can not wear it. Purple Goddess cis ink head, still holding the outfit, did not move.

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« on: December 19, 2013, 10:59:07 pm »
Take the next book answering reporters' questions
1 Many readers regard officialdom novels when the workplace, career or even in daily life along with people thick black school to learn, how do you view this issue?
Xu Kai Chen: This is a misunderstanding, fiction is fiction with real life, there are still differences. Novel carefully crafted details, real life is not possible replication. uggs danmark Of course, a good stay firmly affixed officialdom novels of social reality in the interpretation of complex reality, it is also integrated into the writer's wisdom and ideals. Readers tend to procure a punch from around the plight of the road. Said the reader to officialdom novels or when thick black school textbooks to read, in fact, want the book to find such a path for himself in the real breakthrough. I can understand the reader, but not in favor of this approach. Because of the complexity of reality far more than novel depicts the extent of any one writer, are not able to most frustrating reality most brutal side manifested, because the reality is bottomless, the novel is always still a degree. Bottom and the degree of difference, that is, the conflict between reality and the ideal. Of course, the writer provided in the novel breakthrough approach in reality there is a certain reference value, writer for the fictional setting of trouble, but also by virtue of their wisdom and life experience for them to find a way home. Rather than approach the reader is secondary school tricks from the novel, as it is the reader learn from the wisdom and life experience writer 2 officialdom your work mostly dabbled in that which you most want to work reflects those aspects of officialdom? Why?
Xu Kai Chen: I want to strongly performance of current officials living conditions, I think the moment officials is an unfortunate group, they live in an alternative the field, there are many clear rules, dark rule, unspoken rules about them, let They can not put a normal human released. In addition to their suppressed and distorted, the more subservient to show. This is the Chinese officialdom characteristics, but also official position in the moment of this era shaped performance. I want more with officialdom novels, to explore the mind of officials. From the novel ugg butikker perspective, they are in fact weak, because they lost their freedom, they are the official cultural secularization of a group. Of course, their social reality, the performance is very strong, this inner weakness and the appearance of the intense conflicts posed by powerful, that I insisted on torture. uggs with glitter Adverse cultural distortion of human nature is inevitable after the performance. In my opinion, if you can not touch officialdom novels officials humanity, the official nature, it can not be considered successful 3. Officialdom you how to understand the so-called hidden rules, do you think these hidden rules can be understood as people rising career in a distorted way, in fact, was originally opened can be very benign Xu Zhen: officialdom hidden rules is a necessity exists, that do not have to doubt that the problem is that we study how to recognize these hidden rules? In fact every corner of our society, every one field, there is this kind of hidden rules, officialdom as contradictory or seducing most concentrated, to give birth to so many of the hidden rules dark rule a little surprising. In China, the seat is superior to the cadres to take all the appointments, which doomed the cadres, especially leading cadres at all levels should only on. In the official position of the battle, Chinese officialdom has a series of hidden rules, these hidden rules by officials at all levels familiar and flexible use, they constitute Chinese officialdom a very strange landscape. To put it bluntly, these hidden rules is that people seek to enhance hard for career in a distorted way, both to mask the shame of power, but also to deviate from the holders of power in politics to serve the people of this track. Political reform did not thoroughly exacerbating this alienation, so that the power struggle evolved increasingly lively and even outrageous, official positions buying and everywhere, evolved into a political power struggle farm field, trickery, the official plan, trickery, Official surgery was regarded as the Bible canon. This terrible phenomenon fully exposed the shortcomings of our current system, but also provides a breeding ground for corruption. Writers can not turn a blind eye to this phenomenon, at the same time to increase the intensity of the criticism, the writer should also be on our political system to make reasonable suggestions. In other words, the writer must have a political ideal, especially open officialdom fiction writer Xu Zhen: not all on the one hand, there are many officials friends around me, and I myself have had from the government, and later served in the large state-owned enterprise leadership positions of Chinese officialdom hidden rules dark rule have a direct sexual experience. On the other hand, surrounded by friends and officials in the tragicomedy of life also gave me a lot of inspiration. From them I think a lot of this is to facilitate officialdom novel I wrote a motivation. With uggs with glitter the continued fight against corruption in depth, every year there are always a number of officials sacked, sacked officials of these typical case, in fact, a very good novel material, writers just need to integrate five. Many people think that officialdom fiction novel is an upgraded version of the workplace You believe this is necessary link you?
Xu Kai Chen: Either write novels are, write in a specific environment to survive and struggle, Sinking and Rising. Write their success and glory, as well as failure and pain. Novel characterization is to succeed. As far as I understand it, officialdom novel is fiction and the workplace have in common, and are thus hard to write characters struggling to achieve their goals in life, some successful, readers who may, by reference to the accumulation of experience, and some to failure, but the same ugg votter can attract the reader's regret and sympathy, which is why the officialdom novels and contemporary novels workplace readers can win a lot of the reason lies because they are uggs norge nettbutikk so close to the reality, to varying degrees readers can see his shadow from the inside, see and struggle to survive difficult. Another reason is that more and more readers of these two novels as textbook to read, expect to find from the inside Survival Code and promotion shortcut. My novel provincial team was published, it received a lot of friends who are in official letters and calls, some of them high-ranking officials, they should read this book, is to find some solution to the problem approach. Among these was provincial officials have long been trapped group visit the event, according to what he says is a variety of strokes are used, not off with, you can look at my novel way to help him get rid of the reality dilemma. Believe won after-market, there will be such a reader got. This is a very strange phenomenon, but from another side note, the novel is only close to reality, touching social pain, in order to win readers, this point officialdom novels and novels have done the workplace, both neither avoid social conflicts, Not Xu Qing unpretentious 6 how do you define officialdom novels, what are the characteristics of officialdom novels? Is not it a bit with officialdom derogatory, many people think of officialdom novels, is a little dark, a little erotic full of unspoken rules that officialdom novels?
Xu Kai Chen: officialdom novel concept put forward for a long time, at the beginning it was not accepted by writers, readers and publishing industry but according to some convention stuff to categorize. I myself do not agree with this formulation first. But one thing was we called for a long time, it naturally became the conclusive. In fact, what is not important, whether it is fiction or workplace officialdom novels, which are ultimately fiction. The novel has the quality and elements, it must have, or do not buy the readers. Of course, there is literature on officialdom novel views of officialdom fiction writer, there are many views. One is that low, vulgar, indecent, not pure. It is with pure literary fiction or serious comparison, they think is the mainstream of pure literature, only represents the level. And there are two issues must figure out. Of course, the existence of cohabitation officialdom novels, follow the trend of serious problems, which need to be vigilant 7. Seen your work can feel the care and responsibility of the society in which that specific you want to let everyone know your works officials this circle, or want to be able to be able to present your work environment has improved officialdom, or what else you want to reflect the social value?
Xu Kai Chen: social care and social responsibility is a writer must have, otherwise not worthy writer this term. I'm writing, I do not care much to solve any problems, just want their social thinking and deep understanding of life manifested in the form through the story, is the novel way of expressing my ideals, and describe my political dreams . Writers are more serious idealized complex, they are eager to society clean, transparent real desire, the desire humans have permanent happiness, a sense of security. The greater the gap with the ideal reality, writers describe the impulse more strongly. Officialdom in many problems, the writer only to observe, think, make their idealized sound, but must admit that this voice is weak, in an attempt to change the present by the sound officialdom, no doubt to nonsense, is a joke. But the writers can not be silent, must be getting worse reality intervened. Writers have a duty, that is, for those who do not sound writing, to express their wishes. Result is expressed, in addition, the writer is very difficult to do anything 8. Nowadays all kinds of stories of fictional composition officialdom novels too, and even contrary to real life, written very dark very erotic, but the reader is very love Look, I ask how do you view this issue?
Xu Kai Chen: This is ugg norge nettbutikk inside a ethical question, we must admit, is a professional writer, with doctors, teachers, must have a sense of professionalism. You are talking about this phenomenon does exist, but more and more serious, which is about to follow suit. Like drama, spy war, and immediately there are many spy war drama filled the screen, making rotten Health Code, by the bizarre absurdity snatch ratings. This is the result of profit-driven, with the creation of nothing. But I can responsibly say that every one of my novels are clean, no erotic things, because my novel to make her family look, let her see. Writers can not honor the literary word must be respected for their work must be respected. Morality is not resolved, it can not be called writer. Indeed, this book has a lot about strategy and official description of surgery, and some places even wrote an extreme. Because the book's hero Tonen Bangladesh is one of my classmates, a prototype, and I rarely have the prototype works, but this has. NDRC I am also very familiar with this sector, functions well in charge of matters relating to me perfectly clear, these years also helped the students wrote many official posts. But I also want to express is a political ambitions officials how to fight the bureaucracy, to fight for their ideal platform to display their talent and then more calmly. Tonen Bangladesh is a good officer, we can not talk about an officialdom novel, or a talk officialdom, put all into a black officials said. This is extreme. How good officer is not contaminated, or try to pollute less, how to have a better act, this is the book to show. Good officials in order to win, the price paid by the outpouring of wisdom and efforts, more than dirty official black officer. Crown is actually an art, but this art filled with black, filled with cold. I wrote this uggs votter book fully cold 10. Win in the description of the superior-subordinate relationship handling and balance, such as whether the book can be seen as one of the characteristics, which may return it to attract readers, how you perceive reality superior-subordinate relationship in the process, there are those who are around you book true that happen?
Xu Kai Chen: an official in order to keep their position, must deal with three relationships: First, the relationship with superiors, as stated earlier, the current officials are appointments, superiors decide your fate ugg brun or future. Second, properly handle the relationship with subordinates, subordinates if not support, opposition one, you can hardly foothold, to promote more difficult, which is why we often say that relations with the masses, mass base. Third, properly handle the relationship between peripheral, peripheral relationship existing relationship with the old leaders and old friends, including family relationships, in terms of officials, family stability is not an accident is also critical. These three layers are accounted for, the officials certainly a bright future. Unfortunately, ideally three really hard. So most of the officials will go straight, just turn around between the first layer. It stands to reason, officials competent or not, the people have the final say, that relations with the masses or mass basis is to decide the fate of a political officials most basic and most reliable scale, but now the environment is not the case. This layer basically been ignored now, this is the biggest flaw of our political system, which is also the largest of the unspoken rules. Subordinates to obey superiors, which is the principle of billige uggs norge our organization, but now is not to obey, but but yes, war war Jingjing, turn everything around superiors. As a simple example, I have a friend in the county director-. In order to keep the seat, but also to further enhance, eighty percent of the time and effort spent on maintaining relationships with superiors. County leader's mother had life, a dozen Department Secretary scrambling to give birthday celebration, comparisons with a red envelope. Extent of its hospitality and outrageous flattery. My friend said he did not like his mother had. Why, because the county leaders to grasp his destiny. Something sounds absurd, we are scrambling to do, some things aboveboard, consistent with the public interest, but everyone wince. Similar episodes in the book I wrote a lot, it can be said is true story happened in my ugg boots uk side officialdom farce. I give them to the reader, the reader to judge 11. Please use the most simple and powerful three words or three phrases to locate what your evaluation or this new work - won.

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« on: December 19, 2013, 10:56:19 pm »
Nalanrongruo novel Love and Death
March 2005 edition 20.00 yuan fireworks in March - Ci Qing first Nalanrongruo of Love and Death is based on the young screenwriter TV adaptation of the novel with the same name, the TV series is currently China's most powerful television production Center century DreamWorks in late 2004 and early 2005 the annual drama, big, big investment, integration of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Singapore's luxury production team and many well-known artists (Benny Chan, Gao Yuanyuan, Hao Lei, Zhang Feng book, Du Yulu, Fu uggs sandals Yiwei, Gua Ah-lei etc.). Similar market currently dominated mostly fiction screenplay, by the hit TV drama opportunities in the book market to occupy a considerable market fast casual reading, but more content simple, making rough. Compared with such books, novels fireworks in March has its merits carefully crafted text, rather overknee støvler than simply the story presentation and dialogue collage, with relatively independent uggs delizah literary value, and can withstand the test of scrutiny and a certain time. Novel fireworks in March - Ci Qing first Nalanrongruo of Love and Death by the TV series has been carefully adapted from the original story, based on full respect for the art of the novel features, not only retains the compact TV episode vivid, distinct personalities advantages, but also respecting the form and narrative fiction, so that the fireworks in March has become a refined literary taste pretty teen idols have classic novel type ugg udsalg Nalanrongruo, Qing first word, his ugg bamsestøvler 31 Life in the four-year-old woman's Koreyoshi love, I really like a fireworks, dazzling, but fugitive. Love to love a long time to thin, and now really a passionate regret, but also to the sad heartbroken place, tears stole four zero Kong Pei Ling Chen is late emperor's concubine, Nalan sympathy because her back to earth, two fugitive, Love Over Gold The result four Zhen but because timberland sko tilbud the chaos of San Francisco, was Empress Xiao Zhuang as a political tool, marrying Guangxi; Lu Yuchan was married and divorced him while he Shamu enemy Aobai niece, died because of dystocia experienced the love ...... Shame Nalan met in the south Talented Shen Wan, but his friends Kangxi emperor loved this woman entangled in love and friendship he struggling ......
This is a love story of the main line, into the historical events of the early Qing Dynasty, in addition Aobai, given San Francisco, expedition albazin are a key part of the background and even the plot, Nalan site moderator said it was very nice humanistic novels, ugg boots uk writing is made with love and understanding, showing Nalanrongruo passionate without sentimentality, without injury unfeeling, noble and slightly sad feeling in the world. If for four Jung Yung said, I prefer a firing begins to ashes, than you are so alive, Qiong Yao bars are ugg støvler københavn tears, trying to come wandering people Dafa moment, Suddenly he heard voice of the daughter of crispy to: content if ugg boots norge my brother will get married, fragrant congratulations late. sounding voice was actually speechless. Jin Yong Jin Jianfeng dandy with it's deep-seated lingering Qiong uggs Yao's wonderful fusion is evident draft selection: Huang Lichun
Liu Yiwei Imperial four treasures to do publicity remote cook show Cooking at 10:04 on December 31, 2004 March of fireworks has timberland sko tilbud the positive creative writer talking about fixing
At 16:50 on October 8, 2004 Benny said nothing about Charmaine Gua Ah-lei admire Lirong at 16:12 on July 31 2004 March of fireworks appeasement Boot Benny Chinese poetry read at 10:29 on July 28, 2004 Old CY star fireworks in March, a collection of Nalanrongruo on screen at 09:46 on July 28, 2004 Imperial four treasures and Shen monk change monk

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« on: December 19, 2013, 10:53:39 pm »
Affect my life who book title words Photos
Shaanxi Provincial Writers Association Vice-Chairman. Xi'an, born December 2, 1953. The novel Last Huns six-six town Road secret, sad knight novella sculpture, Dashun shop Assassin OK essays New Thousand prose I Northern Harvest thought  through the Jedi,  glimpse - writers group in the eyes of western Gao Jian , etc., known as the representative of the contemporary romantic literature, Chinese literature has a lofty sense of rare, classic spirit and idealism heavyweight Writer My mother can not read. Mother high IQ, she again can literate, sure to become a character. Unfortunately, she can not read, the world in front of her like a wall. Is about as compensation, I recognize the word, and then recognize the word love books, love books and then ugg støvler danmark udsalg write a book himself. I've read a lot of books. I have a speech at Northwestern University Centennial, patting his billige uggs på nett big belly that my big belly is a library I first read a lot of books on impregnering uggs the library related. uggs sko billig Then the Cultural Revolution began, the county people like crazy, have to engage in vandalism. I'm just in high school, his brother said, let's grab the library now! So I took my brother, holding a red flag, arm hang a red hoop children, came to the front of the library. First burst of shouting slogans, and rehearse for a while quotations, then curator, said: We want to grab the library moved from the library I remember a lot of books. That case, like ants same. Cultural Revolution period not in class, and I read these books at home. Most uggs til høsten of these books are China, in addition to four masterpieces, the second-rate, third-rate classics have, such as five female Xing Tang Chuan Monk Biography. But I was impressed, not those classics, but a set of eight volumes of the Chinese folk tales integration. These folk tales opened my eyes and let me know the world very, very far, very vast gives me the greatest impact a book, Romain uggs norge salg Rolland, John Christopher, which is the 1979 Reading The. Provincial Writers Association organized a restoration activity book club, I was the third period. HUANG Gui-hua class teacher said, this is a generation gave birth to the Chinese humanistic intellectuals, the book stresses the personal struggle. The book is required reading for the book club first, so I stuck the four-volume John Christopher in the plot. I read like a dream to do the same. The original can enrich the human mind to such an extent it! In isolation from the animal, the human mind can become so noble, so dine sko uggs beautiful, so deep, so you can live with dignity Yeah! By contrast, I found myself the previous so-called overknee støvler creation, from a real sense of the literature are far gives me an important influence another book, is a great poet Byron's Don Juan. This rebellious prodigal son Byron, he wants to leave England, so waving black cane, pointing fog London, said: Either I'm not good enough, do not deserve to live in this country; either in this country is not good enough, I do not deserve to live! Then, boarded ugg udsalg a luxury coach, right arm pull a white beauty, left arm pull a black beauty, began to wander in continental Europe. This Don Juan is the wandering of the product. He walked all the way, all the way to writing poetry, these poems will be sent all the way publishers, for travel tolls. I wrote The last one Huns, the desk stood two reference books, one that is, Don Juan, one is Impressionist painting techniques. Don Juan taught me the atmosphere degree, taught me how to use a passion bald pen, in the history of space left panel and right sudden. Monet, Degas, Ray if A, Gauguin, Van Gogh Impressionist master these, you taught me how to grasp the overall harmonious recent years, gave me a lot of influence of the two book is humanity and Mother Earth and History research.  These two books are a British scholar named Toynbee wrote. This man's position in the UK, the equivalent of our role as CAS president bar. His two books, as a scholar to write historical novels. He Mesopotamian civilization began to write, writing of the Egyptian civilization, the Syrian civilization, the ancient Greek civilization, Chinese civilization, the ancient Indian civilization, Roman civilization, Japanese civilization, etc., to write these civilizations plates, development, prosperity, boom-bust process. uggs sandals These books give you a condescending perspective of understanding the world, it is like a big burden to make this world a parcel. Section tells you how the matter among civilizations, and attempts to explore the future of humanity toward Toynbee is basically fair, he received the highest Chinese civilization praise. He also said that if I re-born again, I was born in China's Xinjiang willing, it is the world's three nomadic peoples disappear in two places, is ugg boots uk the world's ethnographic museum, it is a fascinating place how it! I like Toynbee, and my experience is relevant (I stayed in Xinjiang), and my temperament on (I'm basically a romantic), and my Chinese civilization is about farming culture and the nomadic culture two part of thinking about, and I'm writing Humayun northerly desert Biography Genghis Khan's Scourge of God, Lost in the maze of back history and other books and articles about the last I want to say is, life is a constant Reading often new big book. Many cultural monument containing folk wisdom is not, it is depending on you to live and study.

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« on: December 18, 2013, 12:27:23 am »
Dangdang book intends to sell paper books three to half
From the Amazon Kindle to Sony's Reader series, produced Nook from Barnes Nobl to the domestic Hanwang electronic paper book, e-readers uggs norge in China Lotus Just Buds, but great potential ugg norge nettbutikk of wind and water. Some have said that the rise of e-books is tantamount to Cai Lun invented papermaking years ago, brings more than just technology, but also a reading revolution. However, the reality is that China's e-book reader market, although the potential for deep, e-content market is scattered pattern exists, the market interests of the chain imperfections and other defects. Trend in the electronic reading revolution today, Chinese market needs a good e-book content market matching, for the people on truly new reading era. This action causes the entire book industry and the readers attention. Nanfang Daily reporter had an interview with this right Guoqing Nanfang ugg tilbud Daily: Many experts believe that e-books suitable for the modern fast-paced ugg udsalg life, fragments of time to read, do you think the development of e-book reading habits will bring you what changes?
Li Guoqing: eBook makes reading easier. In the United States per capita amount of reading about 20 per year in China is much lower than this figure. In fact we may be able to improve the use of the advantages of e-books nationals amount of reading. Envisaged that the price of books than paper books, so readers with the same budget can buy more books, more in a lot of reading, to achieve changes in reading habits is entirely possible. In addition, some readers may be accustomed to using a mobile phone to read some online literature, serial novel, if e-book content market well, I believe that we can bring this group of readers to read more boutique and mainstream bestseller Nanfang Daily: Now in the subway or a lot of places we can see a lot of white-collar workers holding Ipad or mobile phone light to read. EReader competitiveness Where?
Francis Chan: We eBook reader with the same understanding. In fact even with Ipad, professional reader still has its market. Some people may think that there is an alternative to computers and Ipad reader, I think this is a difference. Eink bring reading and LCD screen, different ugg støvler priser feelings and Ipad, closer to the traditional paper books we used to read feeling; but more importantly, some of the depth of the readers will buy specialized readers, many of those who will not buy a shallow reading . Reading is a special thing, the depth of the reader will have a great e-book reader professional needs Nanfang Daily: As a network booksellers, you have not predicted sales of paper books e-books will have much impact?
Li Guoqing: new technological revolution brought about change and suffering, not only Dangdang, everyone had to accept. In the short term there is definitely a pain, because the online purchase e-books to consumers must be had online paper book consumers. billige ugg støvler danmark Many people worry about the impact of e-books on physical bookstores, in fact, those of us who bear the brunt of it online paper book seller. Of course, the face of change, we can only accept the book to adapt and there is clearly room for price cuts
Nanfang Daily: How Dangdang first eBook Pricing?
Li Guoqing: About eBook pricing, uggs sandals in fact I think there can be the perfect place to negotiate pricing with publishers in the process, I always hope that we can lower the price of books, but heavy resistance, pricing scheme has not yet completely fulfilled. Some technology books, dictionaries books in accordance with proposed price Qizhe selling paper books, so pricing is still high. Dangdang has Qizhe many paper books sold books there is clearly room for price cuts. Our e-book plan in accordance with the price of a paper book fold to half sold during the promotional period, some of the selling price of the book will reach a fold Nanfang Daily: You mentioned e-book reader comes with a paper book can be downloaded right This is for what consideration?
Francis ugg boots norge Chan: I've always envisioned, so that consumers can simultaneously print books receive a free ebook download right. Readers will want to get better and more efficient reading experience, which is the reader's ugg boots norge consumption purposes. We owe it to the reader to create such conditions and provide a variety of formats for readers to download the electronic version. Bookstores and publishers will not increase costs, but to give readers a great convenience. I think we can do that will spare no effort to do the Nanfang Daily: The next e-book sales will account for the proportion of your business is how much?
Li Guoqing: did you notice the old U.S. Amazon does not publish this data, but you can watch him for a moment to say more than hardcover books, this is the campaign, people are optimistic, a moment that billige ugg bamsestøvler has more than paper books, downloadable books are saying books and pieces of books, but sales did not rise. I expect downloaded more than three years the number of sales of paper books, but can not exceed three to four years sales of ugg butikker paper books. Now, I'm still voting with their feet now, the province of wasting time and energy I have to face the heart Blackhand spicy unscrupulous booksellers, we heartily thank piracy
20111218 12:20:26 Post 15 dollars an e-ink reader, a dollar a book download, so that it can market and the value of your expensive fundamentally does not make sense.

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Micro-fiction cheongsam with puffer
Micro-fiction cheongsam with puffer
Ami is beautiful temperament, seven uggs norge meters tall, wearing a dress walking on the street with confidence. But she was timid, and even a puppy or kitten are not close, not to mention the mountain snake. To stay in shape, she began to follow the climbers to climb hills. That day with Laoshan mountain climbers climb, she was billige ugg støvler danmark extremely weak team falls behind. Summer uggs sale mountain viper elusive, Ami I do not know, walked, suddenly found a brown snake claws stand in front of a triangle of snakeheads thin red tongue sticking out, Ami suddenly alarmed seeing pale. Do not move! Just at that moment, the uggs sko norge team received a stride rushed over and decisively in the hands of trekking poles will be lining up to play snakes away, the city square to return ugg støvler danmark udsalg a false alarm, Ami to express my gratitude to non- Teams can not receive invitation to dinner. No, this small mention the hanging tooth. uggs norge Closing team refuse. Quest, quest, this heroic rescue feat to flourish! Leader in the side sidelines. Oh, this is a must. billige uggs norge Ami said: And it was, tonight ask you two eat puffer fish! What? Puffer fish? Collection team lest they hear clearly. Hey, you heard me, that is very toxic puffer fish, but uggs cleaning it is not the same, and the mountain viper Yeah, Blowfish is the world cuisine, beautiful women and handsome Hath not eat the reason? Sure enough, Ami unequivocal , home to put on after washing favorite dress shop excitedly came blowfish closing teams and team leaders early waiting. I saw Ami wearing a cheongsam came billige uggs norge slowly swaying gait, lotus white, sleeveless silk dress wrapped her body is very fit. She approached the beaming smile, filling oriental woman's subtle, elegant style, otherworldly places like uggs støvler fog, like rain Like Wind. Close team thought: This woman is not simple way cheongsam, cheongsam and the Blowfish, beauty and snakes, things combined these two extremes, it is puzzling. At this time, the team received the mind, Ami is more like Dai pen Rainy drizzle appear hazy lilac girl dressed in elegant white lotus cheongsam Xijinqianhua to the party, he fake uggs also makes beautiful could not help think of In the Mood for Love of Maggie, skimming over the surface under the graceful swaying the wind ......

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2006 Best Contemporary Novel Award
Third  contemporary novel Year (2006) Best uggs votter Award announced in Beijing yesterday. ugg støvler tilbud 8 candidate works, Tie Ning's stupid flower won Best Award (Expert Award), Wang Ling new era of marriage won Best Award (Readers Award). This year's hot books, Yu Hua's Brothers (lower) then a vote without the  contemporary novel the Year Award by the contemporary magazine sponsored, named ranges in November last year to this year, the November issue of lengthy novel. First Prize by the National Media Book Industry Reporter recommend finalists, readers voted the ugg tilbud Year, voted on by the experts at the ugg scene the Year. Awards named after the first, because of the most transparent process, the results least controversial, was considered high credibility and high gold content of the literary prize this year was Year Finalist Award (Expert Award), the eight works are: Life and Death fatigue Bi slaves, smoke Peking, Ninth Widow, My Ding a trip, brother (down), the new era of marriage and stupid flower. After two rounds of voting to elect uggs sandals a specialist award. But in two Award, eight works, only brother (under) without a vote. A reporter please the judges explained why, after experts repeated decline, Chen uggs norge salg Xiaoming made answer he said: Yu Hua is a good writer, but brothers is not his best work, we have relatively high expectations Yu Hua. He that the brothers only the lower half of participating awards, but also reasons for the defeat, relatively speaking, I ugg støvler feel better some of the upper part, the lower part of the second half, Yu uggs for men Hua's judgment is too explicit for the times, some of the content written in more hasty .  But he also said that the evaluation is not on Yu Hua from one extreme to another, If you do not pursue Yu Hua is a great writer, brother or reflects his artistic contribution.
Experts Life and Death fatigue advocacy
The experts also presented their voting site grounds, Bai Ye said that uggs cleaning he besides stupid flower in the atmosphere, but also special attention to the details of the works described, through the details, feel Tiening people there, right zest for life.  Li Jingze said, stupid flower in art, structure, even in the specific textual, it is very difficult conflict and complexity manageable. But Tiening considerable extent overcome the difficulty, given a fairly complete artistic answer except stupid flowers, Mo Yan's Life and Death fatigue is also affirmed by experts. Chen Xiaoming said he impregnering uggs was stupid flower and uggs votter Life and Death fatigue among very hesitant, I fatigue life and death a little gripe works after 14 places, some things did not grasp Mo Yan, artistic force did not erupt . But Zhang Yi Wu is no secret of his Life and Death fatigue love, stupid flower is a good law-abiding, Life and Death fatigue is a strange, I personally prefer some strange things, so I willing to advocate for it, although it did not get the best prize, but I am willing to grant that it is in my heart, Zhang Yiwu award.

Buying / ugg brun iqrb gfys
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Serialized novel outsider Wuji's rules heaven and earth
When he saw everyone grabbing ground-level secret code, his heart was attracted, forcing urgent of the not imagine what will happen,  Purple East to belongs to the prefecture-level Tome century ago, to a hidden world of high- created by man. hidden world who use this secret code to beat eighteen county nine denominations, and then disappeared, no longer see people using the word Purple East to martial secret code into heaven, earth, mysterious, yellow four grades. days next level secret nobody pawn reached today, and no one has seen, and ground-level Secret Code Warrior Code of best practice level, and the hearts of every Warrior dream, still its reputation of the Purple East Gas come. So, when it appeared, in the martial arts Jiuqi a reign of terror finally, it fell on my hands. course, I have to get this secret code was seriously injured.
Although Wookey did not say in the article is how to get Purple east, but Zhang Wuji knew that was the scene is so cruel to snatch, Wookey must have paid a heavy price. Can say that he wins this secret code is used to his life in exchange for not think that small things. Turned out to be an unknown thing. How many people ugg støvler børn have lost their lives in order to get it too?
Zhang Wuji then see ugg black carbon cloth book: I get Purple East to all the way east billige ugg bamsestøvler to escape, on the way encountered a lot of Elam wins Tome small role, although I was seriously injured, by the dint of my four percent of Wookey skill are all sent a crossed over the Central Plains area, close to Yang County realm, my heart was overjoyed, Yang Gao Yang Zong county is my site, just step into the territory of Yang County, who would dare to fight With Purple East to It's prefecture-level secret code, I were to be aspirations to the world of the However, in Bay County and Yang County to the mountain boundaries of overknee støvler the Green Mountain hit the Bay County territory tripod door Lindau. Ding door status second only to fake uggs Gao Yang Zong, Lindau strength is also my similar, then I skill has only 30%, and never was his opponent. Obviously, he is considered quasi-I will go through Green Mountain deliberately here waiting for fish to the death, even the dead will not be good for him, I drink under this Sect Zenggong drug blood Dan, skill suddenly increased tenfold. doubled shopping, and finally killed him though kill him, I also went to the eve of Blood Dan although Zenggong drugs can also poison, scattered power not long after the life I know I can not return to live Goyang cases of this time even in the face of a lower Warrior I lost, so I hid in the mountains Qingfeng Shandong face uggs rip Kazakhstan, with the Snowshoe into the After writing this hole I put this down, and leave some of the cases of martial Tome fake uggs and Purple East to It's prefecture-level secret code, that purple sword with my life as if it were that those who want to learn the martial art , will kowtow to my corpse to show worship me as a teacher.
See the end, Zhang Wuji then look at two books on the ground, I thought, that should not cover cases in which the martial art Goyang Tome Zhang Wuji looked roughly the book, he gave the contents of the book to remember. Ever since he was practicing nine yangshengong and Qian Kun Da Nuo later, has the ability to never forget Zhang Wuji facing Wookey bones knock a few heads, he gave two books into the body. Then dial from the underground purple sword. This Jian Jian height three feet, purple, sword faucet style. One nine yangshengong skill inject sword body, Zhang Wuji gently a sword, on the ground there is a pit. The bones in a bag. Buried zhangwuji do only these. Bow on billige ugg bamsestøvler the mound billige ugg bamsestøvler and then bowed. From now on, he is ugg sko norge the high Yangzong Zhang Wuji's disciples out of the hole, the spiritual knowledge Loreseeker father Dai Li on the cliff edge, eyes glazed, body such as dead wood, despite the cold wind blowing, a father was motionless despite Gu Zhang ugg støvler priser Wuji know whether martial art, figure suddenly appeared in his father's side.

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Mo Yan served as honorary president of establishment
Original title: China's first Internet Literature University dine sko uggs was established as the honorary president of Mo Yan
Yesterday, China's highest institution of ancient Beijing Confucius Temple Imperial College held a special opening ceremony, the first domestic Network literature university was proclaimed. Chancellor Mo Yan said, the impregnering uggs network literature a bit like his childhood in rural graffiti wall, of course, this wall more spacious, can accommodate more and better things, these freedoms to express the inner feelings of things after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature the topic has been continued, and he has also repeatedly indicated that it wants uggs justin bieber to return to the desk writing. Last October, Mo Yan left a microblogging microblogging thank my friends for sure, but also to thank my friends for my criticism after they cut off contact with the cyber world. This served as chancellor of the University of the network literature, many people feel a bit surprised at the day's activities, Mo Yan frankly, the network literature had for him was a very strange area, but in my heart is very contradictory Ten years ago, when the development timberland sko tilbud of the network literature just when I thought not prepared to deal with it is saying. uggs norge salg again a little earlier, the computer just entering the lives of ordinary people, I also determined in this life without a computer, but this determination was quickly changed in real life, I have chosen the computer, but also the Internet, and also generated a lot of literature with the network connection, and received honorary president of the University network literature appointment. Mo Yan said, sometimes the reality will change many people's idea of ​​reality will change people's views on life memories of the entire wall of rural youth
It comes to understanding the network literature, raconteur Mo Yan likened literary image of the network of rural youth graffiti wall, he said: I suddenly thought of the network relationship with the wall, a child in the village has a very smooth walls which a suddenly whitewashed the walls, a couple of days, his wall was love for literature students ugg sko norge were creative poetry or fiction. network literature degrees of ugg butikker freedom, a bit like a child in ugg støvler udsalg rural areas of the walls, of course, the wall is more broad, more freedom, can hold more and better things.
In Mo Yan seems that now the network has become a literary existence can not be ignored, and traditional literature and the gap between network literature is also becoming gradually blurred, there is a period of time the network literature and traditional literature middle of some barriers, some people think traditional writers more serious, the network popular writers, popular, but I think over time the development of serious literature and popular literature, traditional writing with the network is blurring the boundaries between writing, which seems to have a middle of uggs cleaning the original invisible walls, and now this wall does not exist anymore. many writers writing the traditional way, they also frequently appear online.
After the event, Mo Yan as the first lesson in a literature class instructor. He combined the Dream of ugg støvler københavn Red Mansions, Strange War and Peace køb ugg støvler and other works of ancient and modern, writers talk about their thoughts on the meaning, language, style and other aspects of understanding >> Glossary
University network literature
Network literature in the University under the guidance of the Chinese Writers Association, the Chinese online joint aspect of Chinese network, network creation Chinese and many other original literary website creation, Mo Yan Ren network literature university chancellor, Chinese online chairman Tong Lei as president.

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We hope that we have a responsibility uggs norge 2013 to understand
Reporter Li Yan from the bottom of Xinjian County, Ventura
Read ugg støvler i danmark tips ugg støvler online recent days, Jiangxi Province, two girls died in strange washing machine continued high degree of social concern, but with the tragedy continue to simmer, gradually calm down the parties have also begun to reflect on last night at 8:30, the incident exceeded one week, but police have not released the autopsy results, so that the washing machine from a rare fatal incident, which remains a mystery, baby daughter Album total 233, the earliest Uploaded on March 9, 2010. There are a funny man holding a child at home, playing, Tu Wen hugged her daughter to do intimate like, go baby swimming pool to swim in the scenic tour, ride the carousel and other photo scenes contrast, baby boy Album Only 79 photos. One of the earliest was uploaded on June 25 last year, gift wall, at the latest on June 11 this year, upload, also has a variety of scenes photos these photos, only to see the 26-year-old Tu Jianwen, a 23-year-old Zhou Ting enjoyable, and no obvious traces Tu patriarchal loose in their own micro-blog real name, it uggs on sale is lamented, God made my previous life in the end what sin ah! Why so cruel to give us such a man do such a big ugg støvler priser hit! yes I do owe you previous life! Why should ah!
This Tu Song microblogging the latest articles from the bottom of this year at 19:34 on September 22, at noon on September 21 incident, but more than 20 hours. He said his brother, sister sentiment has improved, and has begun to eat, not because of grief and fasting Tu Song said, the police still did not inform them of any conclusive discourse, including four days before the autopsy results, They are still waiting for Tu Song Jian said that after the incident, they are a people the past few days have also been very profound reflection. ugg støvler online They also recognize that regardless of whether the washing machine ugg sko norge is faulty, they take care of two little girls, there is absence of the Department. This tragedy, and their families have a responsibility, not shirk on the public's attention, Tu Song also said thanks. We also asked netizens empathy, more uggs on sale understanding us. He said manufacturers audible again after police find out the truth, there will be further measures
September 27 evening 7:30 Xu, someone's washing machine impregnering uggs factory in PR person Haugh call Dahe, explaining the relevant circumstances Mr Fok said the reason they did not go to the deceased's family home for sympathy and engagement stems from that . Too strange incident, there are many issues that need clarification and clear, we are also other results of police investigations. Truth, we have further measures. He said Mr Fok said they will now cooperate with the police investigation, but also hope that the public objective face, rational analysis, After all, washing machine is innocent, the latest progress autopsy has been uggs sandals five days, the police has not yet announced the results
Since the incident, heated discussions with friends correspondence is still quite low-key police yesterday in Nanchang, Nanchang City Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau of Xinjian County, Xinjian County, including the incident police still refused firewood Scotia media interviews. For questions related to this matter, the relevant responsible person is tight-lipped, refusing to respond with many foreign newspapers, television stations gathered Nanchang, tracking coverage of this issue compared to the situation, the first sustained attention to the incident and reported in several local news sites in Jiangxi This is no longer intensive coverage, local media reported it is quite cold, even with no reports on the matter as of 8:30 last night, reporters dispatch from the autopsy has been five days, ugg norge nettbutikk but the Nanchang City Public Security Bureau official microblogging is still no information on The latest reported incident.

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Ba Jin's novel as mountains to the sea chart
Famous writer Ba Jin Ye Zhaoyan elderly and the relationship can be described as a deep roots. From Zhaoyan grandfather started, then with Balao With decades of contacts, Zhaoyan Ba ​​Jin's father, Ye Zhicheng elderly dealings with many of the same. Perhaps for this reason, Balao departed within 24 hours Zhaoyan has received no fewer than 10 media interviews recalled Balao, Zhaoyan revealed that he was twenty years old, a girl is an admirer of Ba Jin, like endless ugg støvler københavn talk about him. Ba Jin's novel the story is not to win, in order to curry favor with literature-loving beautiful girls, Zhaoyan to remember some of the contents. I remember a while he really was confused, for example, there are two novels about the same name, a fall in the spring, is translated, and the other a fall in the spring, is creation. Ba Jin girl used to embarrass people, quick to play point game of intelligence tests, Zhaoyan not want her to be too proud, she is not willing to be impregnering uggs too disappointed, in some small errors when answering questions for Balao willful works Zhaoyan think the novel is more to write better. He admitted, Ba Jin early works of uggs art on some rough, the class struggle has become an important element of social problems is the primary problem. For example, home is a typical anti-feudal textbooks, all reasoning is obvious that the high old man symbolizes what felt new and Juehui mean anything, leaving behind a standard answer. Standard answer would very complex things simple and even vulgar, since the root cause lies in the feudal society and feudal ideology, the social revolution can easily solve all problems. For a long time, Ba Jin Yue wrote the truth is always better neglected state, being one-sided understanding of literary achievement, artistic exploration was artificially cut. In fact, Ba Jin never gave up creative pursuits, he has been working writing, constantly exploring, and his personal every step, are associated with the development of modern literature trajectories coincide. In other words, Ba Jin's literary road, but also the advancement of modern Chinese literature a true portrayal. Throughout his writing career, home is a good starting point, Autumn is the turning point of progress, from the open garden began, he entered a new realm. Chinese modern literature experienced a theme from the uggs norge simple to the complex development, in the process, the novel becomes more and more attractive, more professional, more and more deeply with Zhaoyan words, such as Ba Jin's novel mountains sea. Good works of art can never be buried, Ba Jin This last three novels, not only a personal farewell, but also a literary boom suddenly stopped timberland sko tilbud specimens, not only represents his highest creative achievements, but also represents the whole of China modern literature of the highest artistic level Zhaoyan finally said, there are two particular areas of Ba ugg votter Jin worth learning: his life and always maintain the sincere relentless pursuit of this ideal, and the more the better fiction writing skills [Zhaoyan]
Zhaoyan born in 1957, Nanjing. 1982 graduated from the Chinese Department of uggs sko Nanjing University, Nanjing University in 1986 and graduated from the Department of Chinese Master. 1980 began to publish works. Major works include the seven-volume Zhaoyan anthology, Zhaoyan works zixuanji Certain kinds. ugg støvler tilbud Another novel 1937 Love, shadows, Beloved, love from others, essays wandering of the Night, Zhaoyan wonderful vignette, Zhaoyan prose, Miscellaneous Peanuts Tree God six solar panels
Shenzhou VI spacecraft re-entry capsule ugg støvler udsalg train train arrived in Beijing to deliver research-bye, old age moved: Shanghai cultural Mourning Ba [Figure] U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld arrived in Beijing will begin three-day visit Lee independence speech in the United States published overseas Chinese protest [Figure]
Celebration held in Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Google Maps logo of Taiwan's Overseas Chinese worried Hong Kong Museum of Overseas Chinese have been misled to do cemetery tour one hundred people have signed up Chinese tourists enthusiastically World Art Museum will feature authentic Leonardo da Vinci and other Italian treasure China's most beautiful places expert group chart Society Face-
300 State Road, Guangzhou workers pay talks stall
Taipei publishing industry: Quotations from Chairman Mao selling my ugg støvler tilbud surprise we do so as Chairman Mao Wang Hongwen cigar power peak period mummy Millennium Curse [Figure] Chiang Kai-shek three separatist conspiracy to resist Hitler sent to prison raids America rescued Mussolini ugg støvler danmark udsalg more many historical Confidential

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My baby is a month old even see some fit
One-year-old is the baby of the critical period of language development can and enjoy some simple and beautiful language. Meanwhile this period ugg støvler online than the baby's vision has been greatly developed in infancy on colorful picture more interesting. ugg støvler københavn At this time, a number of beautifully drawn, rich colors and soft, the language is simple and beautiful story picture book is ideal for your uggs baby. But a lot of picture books available in the market, it is difficult to pick billige uggs norge up. Fortunately, I was one year old baby soon got to know Mika, which is set according to the age of the baby baby products developed by ugg udsalg early childhood, a month, there will be billige uggs norge a monthly allotment of products for your baby's picture books ugg hjemmesko at this uggs støvler stage, the content text refining, childlike picture, not only the baby likes, even we have are very fond of. uggs justin bieber It's really uggs sko billig saved me a lot of things. Not only picture books, even toys do not have to ugg støvler københavn buy, Mika is also dedicated to the function of school-age baby toys selected yet.

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Party Albert's novel will be published
The novel, which will be published simultaneously with the film market, including movies starring readme
When people hot upcoming Party Albert Tang Wei is being deleted billige uggs på nett scenes when the reporter was billige ugg bamsestøvler informed on May 25, the timberland sko tilbud film with the same name will be held June uggs danmark 15 books, listed simultaneously with the film, according to the book Zebian Ke Xiang introduction The book ugg sko norge will join the main actors readme, as well as hundreds of photos uggs sandals from the screened nearly 60. As to the specific content of the book, Ke Xiang said that as then signed a confidentiality agreement, part of the story in ugg støvler tilbud the film fake uggs can not be revealed before (Reporter Jiang Yan) from March to May this year, there are at least three and the film Party Albert relevant books available, which ugg støvler tilbud one is subtitled than the movie look better, more real, more clear history is clearly intended by the movie wind. The reporter has learned, only the current context this forthcoming from the United Church Publishing House jointly launched Jincheng Party Albert is a fiction movie legally authorized by the China Film Group is uggs votter the sole authorized by Han San Ping, director Huang Jianxin led book production Zebian Ke Xiang said, the book's authors are Party Albert three screenwriter, and film, as in the great historical background is divided into three sections of storytelling. Han San Ping and Huang Jianxin preface for the book, and join the main actors of the readme, billige uggs norge these are the films do not. Ke Xiang said that the book is progressing well, it should be in the June 15 theatrical release, so that simultaneous listing. It is understood that the manuscript turnaround time is about May 15 or so.

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Fear is everywhere Photos
Now is a meaty face floated. Close your eyes, spine burst of cold, the first night reading meaty scenario surfaced once again, behind the seemingly countless treacherous staring eyes. Opened his eyes, the opposite of Jun uggs for men Cai still chewing slowly, T-shirts, Che Guevara-style black beard slightly cocked, he did have a bit grim Cai Jun write horror fiction, but it is a young Shanghai Mr. Nice Guy , not tall, custom head down to speak, shy, gentle high school, Cai Jun schools far from home, in a suburb of Shanghai, surrounded by large tracts of land. School next door factories, liberation is the cemetery, buried some of the old Shanghai quite famous people, among them suicide actress Ruan Lingyu. Sometimes, played football at school relatively late, will often kicked the ball over the wall, we must climb Qujian ball in the factory when walking, wanted, will come to an Actress around.
Lifetime ill-fated, Unlucky woman's body, and later in his novels ordained role 16 years to appear, Jun Cai start writing something, write short articles, poems, written in 2023. I do not know what the future holds, all sorts of disappointments, not much to say, there is the desire to talk, and no way to talk, they begin to become a text.
After graduating from the school of Posts and Telecommunications, assigned to an industry museum, Jun Cai done is compiled annually for the museum in an industry yearbook. Living repeated day after day, bored, bored, give yourself to find another world. He began constantly writing articles, uggs sale writing poetry, reading. 1999, was mind there are many stories, poetry is no way expressed, and began to write short stories. First work was a 10,000 word romance novels, a teenager in love with a married woman, the result is a tragedy of this period of his works, such as a Letter, Love Kitties and so on, all with a more concentrated pure literature colors, beautifully written, and the sadness, horror ingredients much. Later, most of these works are included into the stories El Nino in the. Years later, seemingly humble Cai Jun Pingjiapogao their early works, written in very good shape, but, and it is now a different way, are addressed himself to see.
2000, Jun ugg tilbud Cai began to publish your own text on the Internet. Slowly, he had his own audience. That is during this period that ugg votter he became fascinated with the Masters of Horror Stephen
This year, uggs norge around Christmas, a ghost of the virus on the network wantonly spread, Jun Cai Thus inspired, he put the virus and the Higurashi Dongling records a history blend together, with two months, wrote the virus. This more than 10 million words of fiction on the Internet soon after got friends blitz. A publishing house also noticed him. Cai Jun year after the first full-length horror novel was published in late 2004, is Cai Jun, another important turning point. SMS was popular, and is fascinated by Cai Jun, 19 layers of hell, the term. The Hell and texting linking these two words, horror novel The first 19 floors of hell in his brain take shape. This time, the hero of the story is before a Deserted series the only surviving S a university city girls rain. Aftermath of rain back to school, since billige ugg støvler danmark receiving a Do you know the first 19 floors of hell what? Mobile phone text messages, they inexplicably caught in an extremely terror, unable to escape the hell of the game itself, Hell 19 Layer several times reprinted, sold a total of 280,000, setting a Chinese local original suspense thriller novels of the highest sales record. Before the Deserted apartment has reached more than 20 million copies achievements. This time, Cai Jun really famous inspiration and imagination, ugg votter is the source of creation Cai Jun, often emerge in a small matter of inspiration, and sometimes even in dreaming.
People Magazine: In the final analysis, the fear comes from the heart. What people fear it?
Jun Cai: Fear is a human instinct. This instinct comes from the unknown - on the fate of the unknown, the material world is unknown, unknown for people. Everyone's hearts are suppressed fear, such as fear of the dark, afraid of all kinds of weird sounds. Fear is everywhere, ever-present. Most of the time, it's a skeleton, when the door of your heart to be some kind of power is turned on, it will be resurrected skeletons People Magazine: manufactured out of such horror stories, horror novelist Cai Jun'd like to hear fear is What?
Jun Cai: Overall, I'm still optimistic. But there are also fears it. No one can totally control your own destiny, and he in the objective world subject to many restrictions, needs and interaction with others, interaction, there is no way to control people's thoughts and behaviors in fact, the human heart is the biggest suspense. For example, you love each other, you will guess the other is how to think, that in itself is a great suspense up. This time, there are often fears exist, fear of losing Jun Cai: I do not know. In fact, I am against superstition, I do not advocate to write a ghost story. Literature ghost, is a literary figure. Ghost Story in the lovely ghost than reality. You see, Pu is a poor scholar, at home against the yellow face had to actually meet the literati obscenity I do not like the kind of horror stories written wilderness, because it will generate a sense of distance, once produced from sense, it is difficult to have an impact on the ugg bamsestøvler reader's mind. Really good story should happen around us People magazine: The first 19 floors of hell where it comes to the dark side of human nature. Human sin and guilt seems to be your preference to explore aspects?
Jun Cai: Each person's heart has a dark side. But some people can exercise restraint, and some people can not be restrained, the specific behavior arises. As for the idea of ​​evil, everyone has. In fact, the so-called 18 layers of hell is a punishment for sin, to make you feel alive when you can not do bad things. There are practical significance of People Magazine: Love is the core of your novels topics, often twisted love. Your horror fiction, more like a romance novel. Do you think that how people really love?
Jun Cai: True love is selfless. Maternal love is true love, because it is the most selfless. But the love between men and women, many times, not to mention the real pay. People love it, ugg støvler i danmark more love yourself, and not love each other. If there is pure, may be in love with each other at the moment. However, people are living in the real environment, the total moment to consider something other than, for example, economic, familial, social, it becomes very complicated. A complicate things, it is difficult to have a real love. Sadly, this did not prevent People magazine: impregnering uggs how do you view the future of horror fiction in China? Your writing will have some relevance and reality do?
Jun Cai: When a person's survival pressure is very large, the horror stories that can help them release the soul fear. My works are more personal thing, not necessarily go directly to the performance of the society. But in the specific character who will certainly be reflected in China, suspense thriller just started. We are now a group of people to write, everyone has his characteristics. I also have their own characteristics People Magazine: In your several novels, the plot settings are similar, ugg boots uk the feeling has been formed Cai Cai Jun-style routines: Routines of the problem is certainly there. In fact, I'm writing process, has been consciously avoided, strive for something new. Like the Deserted series, my first thought was like a letter of the story - in the village there is a man went to the army, was killed after the return of his soul. The earliest, I wrote a short story, and later rewritten growth articles, as well as after the Deserted return. My novel has a certain mutual correlation, but the content is independent of People Magazine: You often boasted by the inspiration for dinner. One day, God suddenly put your inspiration to go back, that Cai Jun nightmare is not started?

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