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Title: Shaogan favor with high-speed docking
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About Kun-Shantou Expressway in northern Guangdong to the proposal
Kun-Shantou Expressway in Heyuan, Meizhou, and even basic equality eastern counties plan a route consistent with the national high-speed, but to the northern part of Guangdong began with the national deviate from your planned route. I think that if you press can plan a route in accordance with national high-speed walking,Ugg Boots Outlet (http://pasthsc.com.au/discount-sale.asp), Kun-Shantou Expressway future to be more straighter. Otherwise, let Kun-Shantou Expressway in northern Guangdong section as tasteless, Kun Shan Highway greatly weakened strategic position of large areas could cause reduced Kun-Shantou Expressway in northern Guangdong section of the county highway.
Kun-Shantou Expressway Qingyuan current program is not the only pro-city transit design, in fact, if Qingyuan fight Kun Shan Highway accordance with the national plan your route to go with Yang, is also conducive to the city's transit design.
Qingyuan municipal government support Kun-Shantou Expressway in northern Guangdong to the south line of solutions, from Wengyuan started walking Yingde, then southwest, enter HUAIJI. The PRD itself developed highway network, Southern solution may not be the best choice. Moreover, the territory turned the corner in Qingyuan, Kun Shan Highway weaken the strategic position is inevitable. So more biased in favor of the old west Queensland Shantou Expressway go north line or neutral solutions. If you can take the Northern Line, is more conducive to expand Shaoguan space is conducive to the northeast of Guangxi, Guangdong northwest, northern Guangdong and southern Jiangxi Provincial these areas in a line. Moreover, it is precisely these places yet to be developed in Wuling Mountain.
First, the North line program
Lian Ping arrived from Wengyuan after entering Shaoguan Qujiang District, and the Beijing-Zhuhai docking, from the interface to the segment and the Beijing-Zhuhai Ruyuan county shared route which basically in Shaoguan city, while considering expansion. From sourced began laying speed along State Road 323 through Yangshan, even the state, even the South, Hill direct Hezhou. This program essentially national high-speed route planning Kun Shan Highway route overlap.
Northern Line program advantages: 1) Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway diversion will be the most convenient route through Qujiang District, Wengyuan reach eastern region, but also will become the center of Shaoguan in northern Guangdong Shantou transportation center of Eastern Route 2) route far south line straight 3) simultaneously through the province of only three minority autonomous 4) Compared with the south line, high-speed road network traffic by the Pearl River Delta has little influence 5) in favor of Shaoguan city with positive regional groups to accept radiation, also in line with the provincial government to the central city of Shaoguan in northern Guangdong develop into the spirit of 6) in favor Wengyuan, even equality mountain counties to more easily accept the Shaoguan radiation 7) Shaogan favor with high-speed docking,ugg uk (http://uggboots.webeden.co.uk/), formation of China's He Lianshao Gan (Wuling area) of the economic artery
Second, the midline program
After entering Wengyuan from Lian Ping, not into the Qujiang District, but into Britain and Germany, along the North arrived in Yingde Yingde county town Hanguang, then continue straight into Yangshan Yangshan county in the butt with Qinglian Yangshan even the state section and Qinglian, too Macao high-speed shared line, Yangshan even the state could be considered in accordance with the six-lane construction. From the beginning even the state, with the Northern Line with, along State Road 323 line into even the South, Hill,http://www.pasthsc.com.au/uggaustraliaonline.asp (http://pasthsc.com.au/uggaustraliaonline.asp), arrived Hezhou.
A) favor the development of the western Yingde avoid economic collapse Hanguang 2) most conducive too Macau, two high-speed Beijing-Zhuhai in Guangdong to the eastern region shunt 3) route, although slightly longer than the northern route, but still higher than the South lines are short, compared with the South line of excellent 4) help even the South, Hill two minority autonomous development, contribute to the implementation of regional development policy
If the province can Kun Shan Highway route planning by national high-speed go with Yang, especially considering the North line program will be beneficial to Jiangxi, northern Guangdong, Guangdong northwest, northeast of Guangxi in a line,cheap ugg boots for sale (http://ugg-uk.webeden.co.uk/), help to develop into Guangdong Shaoguan north of Nanling region and even metropolitan areas,Ugg Boots (http://pasthsc.com.au/ugg-australia.asp), while the northern part of Guangdong Kun Shan segment has become a fully-fledged Pan-PRD highway.
I hope the provincial government departments and Shaoguan, Qingyuan two leading cities of northern Guangdong to consider the recommendations of the Old West. .