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Pakistan emerge mysterious island after the earthquake at sea
Pakistan Local time at 16:29 on September 24th (GMT 19:29),Australia Ugg Boots (http://aboriginalaustraliatravel.com/ugg-australia-online.asp), in the southwestern region of Pakistan 7.8 earthquake occurred, focal depth 15 km. Powerful earthquake,Ugg Boots Outlet (http://alfaword.com/sale-online-ugg.asp), leading to rising sea-bed at Gwadar in Pakistan near the Arabian Sea coastal areas appear out of thin air mystical island southwestern Balochistan province of Pakistan on the 24th afternoon, a strong earthquake caused 93 deaths and 200 injured. Not only earthquake earthquake destroyed many houses, but also led to the coast of southern Pakistan emerge an island earthquake occurred at 16:00 local time,Ugg Boots Outlet (http://bc4x4.com/ugg-boots-canada.asp), the U.S. Geological Survey data show that the level of earthquake magnitude of 7.8,ugg boots for sale (http://ugguk2013.webeden.co.uk/), the epicenter is located in Balochistan Hu Zi Daer about 100 kilometers southwest of the city. Pakistan Meteorological Department gives a magnitude of 7.7 as powerful earthquake,Australia  Ugg (http://aramisvineyards.com/ugg-sale-cheap.asp), resulting in rising sea-bed, bordering the Arabian Sea in Pakistan Gwadar area about 600 meters from the coast of the emergence of a length of about 30 meters, 10 meters high island, people gather on the coast have witnessed the rare sight reported the earthquake was felt strongly in New Delhi can feel clearly felt. Epicenter and nearby areas are now in a state of emergency.