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Eileen ugg boots uk (http://www.sprakreisebyraet.no/uggboots-dk.html) Chang's publishing history
Eileen Chang said last time, to undertake the publication in Shanghai before, this time I will talk about Hong Kong and Taiwan. Eileen Chang in Shanghai debut four contributors, unwilling to subject a press, but the rest of his life in Taiwan Crown Publishing has forged a puzzled edge, and why?
1952, Eileen Chang moved to Hong Kong, worked in the United States Information Service. While in Hong uggs baby (http://www.v-s-v.dk/uggboots-no.html) Kong, she published The Younger and Chidi Love. She was nothing relationships, published mainly by the United States Information Service, she may not be satisfied, for example, the day the wind version of the Chidi Love poor proofreading, the book has not seriously sell. The publication of two books about, and I have discussed before, and now no need to repeat. By the end of 1955, she left Hong Kong, moved to the U.S., hoping to flex its muscles in the local literary scene with her different periods in Shanghai, Zhang Ailing publishing industry in the United States without some stable partner, mainly by selling agents everywhere, sometimes by a friend. It was unfortunate that the U.S. press, on the theme of the novel in China have a very different aesthetic with Eileen Chang, the majority of little interest to her efforts, like her fifties and sixties of the last century, written in English in the United States work Pagoda  Book of Changes and Young Marshal , all came to nothing. Compared to her debut on the Shanghai, Zhou Shoujuan one reading Burnt. First Incense will applaud, and then introduce ourselves to have crack shot every time, it is easy to imagine how frustrated she was. American writing career flow, and livelihood are also affected, she had to rely more heavily on Chinese market but she people in a foreign land in Hong Kong, Taiwan, published an article without opportunities, and my father Stephen C. Soong to act as her intermediary, Hsia, too, but the communication but out on a lot of confusion, such as the 1966 Maid will almost sudden, twin case. In 1965, Taiwan's flat Xintao Crown Publishing House in Hong Kong have seen my father, my father recommended to him Eileen Chang. With the end of Eileen Chang of the Maid and sent the document, are intended for my father with Hong Kong, Sing Tao Evening News and Taipei, crown magazine approached serial. But do not know why, after sending the manuscript, my father did not acknowledge receipt, did not mention the series, Eileen Chang thinking that the manuscript must be lost. During which she was constantly revised Maid in 1966, Taiwan's Credit News (now China Times) of Wang Ting-chun Chang approached any connection with serial Maid, can not think at this time, would have thought was lost The Maid manuscript, but suddenly in the Sing Tao Evening News and the Crown serial up. This makes Ailing very upset, one reason is that she is still published by the unmodified version, and secondly, the credit may be misunderstood her tether because at that uggs danmark (http://www.ultimatecake.se/uggboots-dk.html) time my father did not keep a copy of the letter, misunderstanding the whole story can not be ascertained. I can only say that, because she did not have twelve fixed co-publishers, she often does not know exactly where it would be serialized her work, where will publish monographs, so that both she and my dad would often have to waste a lot of time writing letter to clarify misunderstandings with people to establish a stable relationship with the Crown
Ailing truly stabilized, began in her mid-sixties in the last century with the Crown Publishing ugg votter (http://www.sprakreisebyraet.no/uggboots-no.html) establish long-term cooperative relationship. Following the Maid, the disconsolate mind in 1968 and in the Crown magazine serial. billige uggs på nett (http://www.stigab.se/uggboots-no.html) Disconsolate mind, according to Eighteen Springs rewrite, and later changed entitled Eighteen Springs, and behind it there is a small publishing storm in 1967, Eileen Chang is not positive disconsolate mind is supposed to crown or credit published because, according to Eileen Chang's letter is written, except that it will initially flat Xintao consider in the Crown serial, everything is not sure, so she simultaneously with the credit of Wang Ting-chun contact. My dad happened to that would be to undergo an operation, he hoped after surgery tried to arrange disconsolate mind in Hong Kong, Taiwan published simultaneously. Ailing do not want to worry about him too, intends to disconsolate mind sent directly to Wang Ting-chun trouble, Wang Ting-chun also thought Ailing agreed, and the news got out. If the disconsolate mind to the credit, she might be on the relationship with the Crown rewrite but finally discovered this is a misunderstanding: my father an immediate intention by the crown serialized, perhaps existing protocols, but only because of surgery delayed decision, but it was Eileen Chang disconsolate I do not know, that in the Crown published hopeless, the results have to explain all aspects of writing. Misunderstandings clarified, disconsolate mind also successfully in 1968 crown serialized in the same year, Crown Publishing as she published a set of Complete Works, finally established a stable and cooperative relations. Younger is the crown for the first book published by Eileen Chang, then the Maid, gossip, Eileen Chang short story collection and Eighteen Springs. Unhappy booklet in accordance with the revised manuscript published Ailing, uggs norge (http://www.ultimatecake.se/uggboots-no.html) because I mentioned earlier communication misunderstanding, pamphlets will ugg (http://tullingegym.se/uggboots-no.html) be serialized with the different. About Eighteen Springs, as well as lesser-known pieces of matter, may also wish to talk about the way in here Complete line up after Ailing regret the novel renamed the Eighteen Springs, why? In 1968 she wrote to my father said:  disconsolate mind was renamed Eighteen Springs (a bit like Guan Sheng Yuan), the title has been sent too late (I wrote to say that last fall back to Eighteen Springs  name). Guan Sheng Yuan is old, specializing in candy, bee products, in 1934 it is in the Shanghai World exhibition organized moon cake, invite a spokesperson star Hu Die, was well-known advertising slogan: Only China has this star, Proview Sang Yuen have this moon cake Eileen Chang and Crown why a partnership?
Ailing reason combination with the crown, in fact, can be viewed from two aspects: First, from the perspective of the Crown: Crown Select a writer, we must consider its market value, the impact on the brand. Ailing fame occupied areas in Shanghai, but after her how an established reputation in Hong Kong and Taiwan? Hsia published in English in 1961 book History of Modern Chinese Fiction (1917-1957) played a very important role. Eileen Chang and Qian Zhongshu this book to lift very high position, you can see from the introduction of the length of writers out: Lu Xun has 26, 15 Mao Dun, Ba Jin 20, Chang 43, 59 ...... Xia Qian Zhiqing some standing in Taiwanese literature, we read his books, are trying to find the Novel worship look. Hsia's brother Xia Jian there are many students in Taiwan, such as Pai, Chen Ruoxi, also acknowledged by Eileen Chang affected, or even very respected her. Eileen Chang's book but it was more difficult to find, and occasionally to find her previous collection of short stories published in Shanghai Crown Culture Group was founded in 1954, originally from the crown magazine began, until today has become big business, but in the last century, 60 years, Crown, not a big publishing house. In 1963, the Crown Publishing Qiong Yao, window, mostly young women readers, publishers need to upgrade themselves, publishing some serious literature. Eileen Chang has three advantages: She has a number of hidden fans; respected by the academic community; there can be a large number of old works just typesetting a book. So in 1968, the Crown suddenly as Eileen Chang has published five books, formally established cooperative relationship with each other the time of publication of the book Eileen Chang, there are two situations: First, first in the newspapers (such as United Daily News or China Times ) and the crown uggs norge (http://www.stallmagasinet.se/uggboots-no.html) magazine also serialized, and then by the Crown a book; second is to short stories published in newspapers and magazines collected and, again by Crown Publishing. Crown and Zhang Ailing collaborative approach are: a contract for a book. At that time, crown in the streets of Hong Kong are also on sale at newsstands, but always quickly sold off, we must rely airlifted to read from Eileen Chang's perspective, why should she choose crown it? I think there are four reasons: First, is the crown to Zhang Ailing good condition. In 1967, the Crown gave her royalties is 10%, and later raised to 15%, with the same level Xintao Mrs. Qiong Yao. 1978, Eileen Chang wrote to Hsia said: The Crown royalties to more than anywhere else, she wrote in 1983: Over the years Crown Royalty every six months total $ 2,000, sometimes doubling, is my only fixed income. In addition to the small reunion for example, in the 1970s, the crown though she does not know what to write, or give her ten thousand U.S. dollars as a deposit, showing her highly regarded second by a publishing house exclusive care Her publishing services will be more efficient, at least not happen again before the Maid downtown twin or disconsolate mind, a draft of two cast misunderstanding what works also have to post opportunities. Thirdly, there is the crown friendship with Eileen Chang, Chang Ping Xintao although never seen, but can also rely on letters to maintain friendship for decades, he learned from a friend at Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing, Zijing unhappy brother, he resolutely no two book, precisely for this reason that the crown has won the respect of Eileen Chang. About Chidi Love, and I have already talked about two months ago, do not repeat them here. 'I have not the first reason, only the vision of the original book or return thereafter sent back. Shen Dengen yesterday received a letter, enclosing Hulan Cheng in China Times Son of Man Book Review, says that he assessment to talk about reading. I really unbearable, the book also previously sent also send, reply told him 'I am very sorry, does not intend to entrust your club a book. '
As Tang Wen Biao, he reportedly made in order to explore the old Eileen Chang, footprint almost throughout all continents of the free world university libraries. Ailing many of their old work is not much impressed, did not register, so that others fruitful source. Ailing had sent a letter to tell my father: (Crystal) tour of Taroko met Tang Wen Biao, told him that I was Eileen Chang Volume things 'very angry', Don anger immediately 'huff.' Visible Tang Wen Biao never felt There are problems to Roms was published, Ailing very angry, they commissioned report Tang Crown mark infringement. After much deal, Times Publishing finally decided to stop the issue of Roms. June 1985, ugg bamsestøvler (http://www.stallmagasinet.se/uggboots-dk.html) Times notification Tang Wen Biao, said the warehouse there are 400 books to his own recovery, or destruction. Tang Wen Biao they had personally hundreds of books onto the floor, he is suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer for many years, suspected to withstand gravity wound, bleeding, and the second day he died. Some would therefore say: Oh, Tang Wen Biao, love the Eileen Chang! Truth how Hong Kong has ugg støvler danmark udsalg (http://www.stigab.se/uggboots-dk.html) been the publication of the case can not be ascertained
Crown Publishing's book can be published to the world, so I can not buy in the United States get the crown of the book. Although Hong Kong is a small market, but otherwise a Crown Publishing. Is a branch of Hong Kong, Taiwan, the crown tube is the general direction, regardless of daily operations. There are some books Ailing Hong Kong crown, Taiwan crown two versions, but the cover, paper and printed, the content is the same. Why are there two versions? Because Hong Kong will pick their own printing works better sales, save freight, while Taiwan also printed all, so some of the books will appear in two versions. Like the Dream of Red Mansions Nightmare, sold not good, it will be printed in Taiwan, and then shipped to Hong Kong and Taiwan sales sales situation is different, has been able to be seen from the bookstore. Hong Kong bookstores rarely Qi 18 Eileen Chang's book, for two reasons: First, some good books to sell, out of stock, followed by some book few people see, do not enter. Sometimes a book is sold out four years. Another example is the Hong Kong Airport has 14 bookstores, belong to the same group, they will only enter forty-five Eileen Chang's book, in addition to the best-selling small reunion, Lust, Caution, Eighteen Springs, etc., will also appear in the Taiwan may not be selling Younger and Chidi Love, because these two books are not issued in the mainland, some mainland tourists will buy, and the time to buy more to give as gifts. This reflects Hong Kong from the best uggs sandals (http://www.vaxjomarathon.se/uggboots-no.html) selling Ailing what works.