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Changzhou History Task Force efforts to collect five categories compiled data
Reporters learned that on September 9, Changzhou History ugg votter (http://www.stallmagasinet.se/uggboots-no.html) compilation work starts and open uggs sandals (http://www.transfercar4u.no/uggboots-no.html) solicitation of dine sko uggs (http://www.ultimatecake.se/uggboots-no.html) historical documents, the ugg støvler online (http://www.stallmagasinet.se/uggboots-dk.html) Changzhou Local Records Office continues to receive public donations or lend historical documents, including old books, the Republic of Changzhou Map Changzhou liberation insurance policy, etc., to provide assistance for the preparation of the work of Lu Guoliang Cheongdam-old man who lives more than 80 years, from the newspaper to see collection notices, immediately contact the Local Records Office, expressing uggs on sale (http://tullingegym.se/uggboots-no.html) willingness to donate. He donated a free early September 1948 issue of Wujin Guide, the book records the evolution of Wujin places, monuments, transportation, education, industry and customs and other property. When you hear the staff say that this book is of great value, the old man very happy family immediately said another house also received some old books, to be hale and some will carefully organize, to provide valuable books to the dine sko uggs (http://www.sprakreisebyraet.no/uggboots-no.html) Local Records Office, as Changzhou history of preparation work to do something political and legal system of Changzhou Jiang, Local Records Office several times to inquire about the situation ugg støvler priser (http://www.v-s-v.dk/uggboots-dk.html) and come uggs cleaning (http://www.stigab.se/uggboots-dk.html) up with over the years collection of Taiping things Logs,  Wujin County security chief Training subjects handouts (1935), Wu Jinguo Medical Specialist (Publications) and many other ancient books for the office copy Changzhou Local Records fake uggs (http://www.v-s-v.dk/uggboots-no.html) Office official said, the compilation Changzhou History aims to comprehensively and systematically Changzhou ever presented and discussed economic, political, cultural, and social development, and to provide the reader a Changzhou messenger, and the current research group to grasp the historical information is still very small, the community is eager to provide the following five categories of information -
One, genealogy (family tree, genealogy, genealogy), home collection, contract documents, Religious Studies Miriam book, uggs for men (http://www.vaxjomarathon.se/uggboots-no.html) stone inscriptions, rubbings, stamps, coins, bonds, currency notes, tickets, daily books, letters Letters, notes, logs, Township rules or regulations, as well as local opera uggs cleaning (http://www.sprakreisebyraet.no/uggboots-dk.html) libretto screenplay, etc. Second, dynasties issued edicts, memorials, Chao, order, law, law, political judgment and other information on three books published locally as well as local conditions contained in books, old books , newspapers, and other four physical history, origin, or worked in Changzhou Changzhou where he lived with a certain impact on the writings of eminent persons, anthology, diaries, letters, biographies, memoirs, audio-visual materials and other five, local customs, dialects proverbs, folk tales and related landscape pictures, historical scenes pictures and videos. (Zhou Qian)